Sunday, February 9, 2014

T'was a Tough Ruck

It is amazing how much of a difference a few changes in leadership can make in the world of the Army.  This weekend, while we were given  fragos pretty much the ENTIRE weekend (that basically means a change of plans) went really well.  On Saturday, we were given a time we needed to roll out, and amazingly enough, we were out of there right on time.  We put the pedal to the metal, went out to the field, ruck marched, ate some delicious MREs, went back.  In my honest opinion, it was probably the best drill we've had since I've been there.  It didn't matter what got thrown at us, we just did what we were taught. Adapt and overcome.  

Obviously, adapting and overcoming is my thing.  I love new. I love scary.  I love to be thrown into something and forced to sink or swim.  Doing that has taught me that sinking every now and then is okay.  When it comes to the Army, sometimes sinking is the only way that you learn. 
This picture was taken before we started rucking.  I was wearing a pack that was a little over 30 lbs weighed down by a dumbbell. Not the smartest way to toss some weight in there.  I've got a lovely bruises on my back where it was sitting, but it was effective I guess. To be honest, it was a tough ruck.  I haven't been feeling good, it was cold, the ground was either snowy and slick or muddy and slushy.  My boots were sinking into the ground and I swear, those guys were freakin' running. I had to run to catch up ten or so times.  That may not seem like a big deal, but when you're carrying 30 lbs, jogging for sec can really take it out of you!

Luckily, on the ruck back, me and the slow pokes got to set the pace so all those long legs did make it impossible to keep up.  I really liked doing this. It gave my platoon a chance to chat with each other while we were doing hard work. A huge part of being in the military is unit cohesion, and knowing the guys you work with really helps. 

I was seriously dreading this weekend, but it truly ended up being a successful one. I need to be less cynical about my unit and my training. Things are getting better and I should be proud to be a Soldier, reservist or not. 


Lauren said...

Sounds like an awesome experience :-) Thanks for all you do for our country!

Jen said...

I'm glad you ended up having a great weekend!


Sounds like a good weekend and good changes!

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