Thursday, January 29, 2015

Organization For the Disorganized Person

Well, what do you think of the new design? I'm loving it.  I was definitely ready for a change around here and I think that was exactly what this blog needed to freshen up.  I hope everyone is enjoying the face-lift. Over the next couple weeks I'll be making changes to my Facebook, Twitter, and IG accounts to make it all match. Let me know what you think of it all! 
Since school started back up again, I've been working really hard to stay on top of everything.  Lucky for me, it's really working.  I'm not only on top of things, but I'm ahead.  If you know anything about me, you know that I'm a professional procrastinator so this is a pretty big freaking deal.  The reason that I have been so successful is simple:  Time Management.  To put it even more simply, my planner. 
The other day I was sitting in class and someone saw me write my assignment in my planner.  He said, "I don't know how you use a planner.  I put stuff in my phone but then when the alarm goes off I just ignore it."  And this isn't the first time in the past two weeks that someone has commented on my use of my planner.  So, let me tell you my secrets on how I make my planner (and my phone) work together to keep my grades looking good and my time amazingly free and productive. 
If I'm being completely honest here, I'm probably one of the least organized people you've ever heard of. I can't keep my room clean for more than a week, but a planner has been just the ticket to keep this disorganized mess in check.

As you may know, I use a Plum Paper Planner. Some people like Whitney English Day Designers or Erin Condren Life Planners, but I'm into Plum Paper.  And here is what I do with it to make things work.

I use color coding so that I can see at a glance where I have the most work to do.  It helps me easily prioritize and gives me a place to start.  

The check boxes are a huge part of my success.  It is so satisfying to put a check in those boxes and show myself how much progress I've made.  For the past two weeks, I've been able to check every single box I've made. 

It's kind of hard to see (please pardon the quality, cropping iPhone photos is rough on the quality) But up at the top where the arrow is pointing I have the gym, breakfast, and my classes scheduled for a time.  By making sure that there is a time for everything, I keep from getting overwhelmed.  I even plan for time to watch Netflix and time for blogging.  It's especially important with the amount of reading I have to do this semester. 

When you're using a planner the number one most important thing to remember is this:  Actually use the planner.  You have to have it on you.  You have to leave it open.  And you have to actively write in it and interact with it or else you will never get used to it and it will be just like those irritating phone reminders that you ignore.  It's just a book filled with paper that you spend $35+ on.  

BONUS TIP:  Schedule your week in advance if you can.  The one I have pictured is next week.  There are a few holes in it because I'm not positive about a few assignments, but it is really helpful when you already have an idea of what your work load is going to look like so that you can be sure to plan around everything you have to do. 

On top of all of this, I work my phone into the mix as well.  You're probably thinking "Isn't the planner working in place of the phone?"  Nope!  I still use the phone to help me stay on track.  I have all of my class times and my work schedule in my phone.  It goes off 30 minutes before whatever I have scheduled starts.  It keeps me on track so that I always have plenty of time to get to class or to work.  There is event the cool feature on the iPhone where when you slide it down from the top it will give you an overview of what your day looks like the next day and when you have events scheduled. 

How do you stay organized?  Does a planner work for you? Do you manage your time well?  If not, I would highly suggest giving this stuff a try.  Trust me, if I can do this anyone can.  

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Two Years Ago Today

Two years ago today I went off to basic training ...

and my whole life changed.  I remember standing in my recruiters office with my parents and my sisters holding back tears and hoping that the next six months would go by as fast as possible. 

I remember sitting on that air plane reading The Great Gatsby and not paying attention to a single word I read.  I was so nervous.  All I could think about was getting there and failing.  I will never forget getting off that bus and standing in formation with my bag.  I felt lost.  Out of place.  Awkward.  I was sure that I had made some kind of mistake.

But sure enough, as the days passed by and the waking up at 04 got easier, I became more and more confident.  I wasn't afraid to talk to Drill Sergeants and I really wasn't feeling any fear at all anymore.

 A couple weeks had gone by and we had been issued our rifles.  It was like that awkwardness I'd felt in the beginning just started all over again. I swear I couldn't even lock the bolt to the rear.  If you know anything about the M16 you know that isn't hard and it shouldn't have been, but it was for me.  I felt stupid and weak.

After a couple of days of practice though, I was finally comfortable with my weapon.  I mean, they hardly left our hands.  It would have been harder not to get good at handling my weapon.

So that was good.  I was feeling good.  I was getting to know the people around me and I was totally ready to kill it.  Then PT started.  Of course, we were doing PT all the time when someone did something wrong or not fast enough or not good enough, but it was much different when we started the real stuff.  PT wasn't really all that hard.  I sucked at push-ups but I was getting better.  I wasn't great at running, but it wasn't killing me, but every day it was cold and windy.  I was getting sicker every day and my entire battery seemed to be screwing up more and more.

But eventually it all just...started to get easier.  The ruck marching didn't hurt so bad and the packs seemed to get lighter.  My PT score soared from a failing 170 to 260.  We did our 16k ruck march and it was finally time for graduation.  I was told by the battery's XO that I was getting promoted.  My family was coming to graduation, I'd found an amazing friend in my bunk mate, and I'd finally made it through some of the hardest days of my life.

My whole family was there at graduation including my brand new niece who's birth I happened to miss in my absence.  That reunion was one that I will truly never forget.  I have never been so happy to see my family in my life.  And after family day and graduation, we said our goodbyes and I headed off to AIT.

AIT was a whole new set of challenges that made my life...interesting, but it was all a completely life changing experience.  I know that without those nights I sat up tearfully reading about my nieces birth, and without those days that I spent at sick call because I'd sprained my ankle, and without those days of feeling on top of the world I would be a completely different person.  I am so happy that I made the decision to join the Army.  It was a life changing experience that continues to enrich my life.  I love being in the Army and I hope that many others can find joy in their service.

Happy Army Birthday to me!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Loving Las Vegas

When I moved to Las Vegas, I didn't expect to love it.  In fact, I just expected to go to school and basically do nothing else.  Travis and I talk about it all the time...How did we even end up here?  Sometimes we'll be driving down the street and I can't even believe that this is the place that I've chosen to live at this point in my life. Maybe that's a little dramatic, but it just continues to surprise me.  As a non-native local, I've developed a few favorite things to do.

My Top 5 Favorite Things in Las Vegas

5) Sundays at the Arts Factory

Every Sunday I play some bluegrass music at the Bar + Bistro in the Arts District.  It's a three hour set that completely exhausts me.  It's hard.  But I love it.  When there's a big crowd of people and the energy is great...the mimosas are bottomless for $12 and bloody Mary's too.  I'm in love with the pancakes.  I eat them every week.  and I play and I love it. 

4)  The Fremont Street Experience/Downtown Las Vegas   

I don't know why I love it downtown so much, but I really do.  It's such a cool atmosphere down there.  It feels like I've stepped right into the past.  It's also kind of fun to see all the street performers, the zip liners, and the bad cover bands.  One of the best things about it?  The alcohol is a lot cheaper than it is on the Strip.  

3)  Atomic Liquor.  

This place is the oldest bar in Las Vegas.  Well...They have the oldest liquor license in Las Vegas dated 1956.  It's so named because during the times of Atomic Testing you could conveniently view the mushroom clouds from the patio at the bar.  I like it because it have this amazing vintage feel, cool bartenders, and it was the place Travis and I went on our first I'm a little biased there.

2) The High Roller

I went on the High Roller when Travis and I decided to take his grandparents on it for their Christmas Present.  It was truly one of my favorite life experiences thus far.  That's not even just in Vegas.  Simply...period.  You can read about that experience here 

1)  The Mob Museum

You are probably things...seriously?  The Mob Museum? Of all the things to do in Vegas that is your favorite?  Well...Yeah.  It is.  It's a huge part of the history of Las Vegas and it is really cool to see it in that museum.  I went with my mom when I moved here in the fall and it was eye opening to see how...huge all that organized crime was...and most likely still is. 

I hope that in the next few months of living in Las Vegas, I'll come to find a lot more things that I love about living here.  There are plenty of things besides those 5 such as hiking at Mount Charleston, star gazing at red rock, the awesome outdoor shooting range in North Las Vegas, the luxury movie theaters, all of the chances to eat really good food...

It's pretty dang cool to live in a destination.  Stay tuned for the best Vegas trick you have ever heard of.  

Monday, January 26, 2015

My Thoughts on American Sniper

Last night, Travis and I went to see American Sniper.  

This movie is catching all kind of controversy right now.  After I saw it, I read a few pretty detailed reviews and other articles about it to see what people were thinking about it.  I know that a lot of prominent figures in Hollywood have had words to say over it and I was curious as to what other people were saying as well.

A lot of people are upset that the movie just isn't accurate enough. They aren't explaining the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. They're making people think that it was caused by 9/11. They're making Chris Kyle out to seem like he was remorseful. They're turning the war into a human interest story...

As someone who know that the War on Terror wasn't a direct result of 9/11 and as someone who can understand the want to defend the freedom of the American people I really enjoyed the movie...most of the criticism surrounding it is saying that they are leaving out way too many details about the war.  Well, film critics and random people alike, I've got news for you...This movie wasn't about the war.  It was about a person.  Chris Kyle.  It's called "American Sniper" not "A War on Terror and American Snipers In General:  An exactly factual documentary on the war in the middle east" 

Since when does Hollywood get everything right and always depict the story exactly as it happened? I feel like they are simply expecting something from a movie that rarely if ever happens.  I swear, people criticizing this movie are assuming that every single viewer will watch it and assume that all of that was real footage and Bradly Cooper is the same guy as Chris Kyle.  It's a movie.  They have to make people like it or it isn't going to make any they're going to dramatize.  Why on earth would you expect anything else?  I'm not really trying to say that it's okay...but it happens with everything.

Example: The movie Captain Phillips.  A very exciting film based on a true story.  It's totally inspiring to watch Tom Hanks "save" everyone on the ship...when if you look into the story a little bit more, the crew members will tell you that Captain Phillips was being arrogant when they went too close to the shore.  That his moves were actually more detrimental than they were helpful...but it was widely liked film that didn't really depict exactly what happened, rather it told a dramatized story about a true event with a more specific protagonist.

So I choose to sort of take this one at face value.  The story in American Sniper is based on a true story about the most lethal sniper in American History.  It notes the issues that soldiers who go to war face.  It talked about readjusting to the regular family lifestyle and PTSD.  And it showed grueling images that state how war is hell.

Maybe instead of seeing all those "bad" things about the movie we can just allow it to symbolize all the brave men and women who have died in the line of duty and those who have suffered the consequences of fighting a war.  

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hard but Good

Well, it's finally here.  The start of the new semester.  I've feel like I've been waiting for it forever.
Last semester, I wrote myself a little letter that I sealed in an envelope. I wrote it for me to open on the day I finish school and I decided that I'd do the same for each semester.  Give myself a little something to look back on and remember where I was at in this particular place in time.

Dear Katie,

This is you.  Well you and Travis because pretty much where he goes, you go and vice versa. 

Today is the first day of Spring Semester 2015.  Just looking at your schedule you're feeling a little overwhelmed, but you're ready to get to work.  This morning, you got up early and went to the gym.  That in it's self was proof that you're a little bit ready to get this semester started.

 In September, shortly after fall semester started, you met Travis from whom you cannot separate yourself.  You're kind of in love.

You're more excited than ever to jump into classes that actually have to do with your major and you are doing well with your new years resolutions.  At first, you weren't sure you'd be able to stick to them, but 21 days into the new year, and you're doing pretty alright.  You're eating better, you're watching your spending, you're blogging to the best of your ability, resisting the early outs at work, and working towards bigger and better things every day.

Today, the future is uncertain.  You could end up a lot of different place by the time this semester is over, but you aren't afraid.  Today you have the best understanding of the fact that life doesn't always go quite like you planned, but you can roll with the punches.

We'll keep this one short this spring.  Just remember that no matter what happens, life is good.  Hard, but good. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Few of My Favorite Things

In my life so far, I have accumulated a lot of stuff.  I've tried lots of new beauty products, I've worn different brands of shoes, I've had multiple hobbies, and I've had lots of different experiences that have brought new things into my life.
Naturally, as my life goes on, I've discovered a few favorites. Some of them are acutally quite new favorites.  New as of the new year even.  Lately I'm super in love with...
Lucky You perfume. 
Displaying photo 5.JPG 
I've been wearing it for the past little while and it has gotten to the point that when I don't wear it, I feel like I smell weird.
My planner (of course)
  Displaying photo 4.JPG
I have been doing a little bit of planning online with a Google Calendar that connect to my phone, but I mostly did that so that I can share the calendar with Travis and he knows what I'm up to.  For all my personal stuff (due dates, class work, quizzes, blogging etc) I put in my Plum Paper Planner aka my brain.
My Younique Mascara
  Displaying photo 2.JPG
And no, this isn't sponsored and I'm not trying to sell you some, I just love it.  My sister got it for me for Christmas and I think I might never wear just plain old mascara ever again.  It makes my eye lashes...amazing.  I can't even expalin it. If you've tried it, you understand. 
My Pandora Bracelet
  Displaying photo 3.JPG
I got this bracelet for my 20th birthday while I was in AIT.  My mom sent it in a package with my blanket and I was completely surprised.  It was such an awesome surprise and it remains my favorite piece of jewelry ever.
and I can't forget my wooby...I don't have a picture of it
My wooby is by and large my favorite thing in the entire world.  I got it for Christmas my sophomore year in high school, so I've had it for a little while...It was the last blanket that my grandma made for me so I hold it really close to my heart.  it's a bit tattered and could use a few patch up jobs, but I kind of love it just the way it is.  

Monday, January 12, 2015

Channeling My Seventh Grade Self

On Friday, I took some initiative and I got rid of all that stuff I said I would.  I can't believe it.  I followed through on some hard stuff just like I said I would. I'm already sad about Spotify.  It breaks my heart, but I will survive.  Hopefully.  
I'm home in Salt Lake for drill and I decided to take advantage of the "free" time that I have.  I also started reading this book about retirement and the best way to save money for when I'm old and social security isn't a thing.  It's a pretty dang boring book, but I'm learning a lot and I'm pretty sure it'll change my future.  So that's pretty cool.  

That's not all I'm reading though.  It's not the focus of January, but I've made it a personal goal for 2015 to read more books.  I put it down on my 2014 list, but I didn't really follow through.  My year ended up being filled with the Military, a cross country road trip, and yet another big move to Las the book thing only happened via audio book during my road trips.  I "read" a whopping total of 3 books last year.  I used to love reading.  I used to read a book every single day...

This year, I decided that the only way to get myself to read a bunch of books was to make a list of books I want to read. I've been inspired by Bonnie, so of course, I stole a couple books off her list that I haven't read and I definitely should have. 

The Catcher in the Rye J.D. Salinger 
Wonder by R.J. Palacio. 
The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien
Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston 
If I Stay by Gayle Forman 
If I Go by Gayle Froman 
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith 
Wuthering Heights by Charlotte Bronte
Rant by Chuck Palahnuik 
1983 by George Orwell 
A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess 
Landline by Rainbow Rowell 
Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? Mindy Kaling 
Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom 

And....I suppose I should start with these.  I'm working hard to make my life more enriched with the written word.  I could really benefit from some time away from Netflix and into the reading.  Any suggestions? I could use em!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

While Scrapbooking

For Christmas, I gave my family the beginnings of a scrap book with pages for everyone.  I used photos from Kallie's first birthday and her first trip to the zoo.  I made a page for when my mom came down to Vegas when I moved here the second time.  I made one for my little sister's graduation and a few others.

The more I scrap book the more I realize how important it really is to take a lot of pictures and actually try to remember a moment as it happened.  As I attempt to scrounge up all these pictures of all our graduations, birthdays, and other big family events all the pictures are in awkward places where we're being rushed to get out of the way. 

I'm finding photo stories incomplete because pictures were only taken at the very start of something we were doing.  It makes it so difficult to put together all of these moments on a page for us to remember and tell stories about.  That's pretty insane simply because it is so easy to take pictures today and document the big important parts of our lives.

It's not necessarily a resolution, but as a goal for...basically the rest of my life I want to make a better effort to take quality pictures.  I want to make sure we have the kind of pictures that you want to glue to a page with a bunch of cute stickers to pull out and look at later.  I don't want to have to comment on the fact that it's just another book of selfies taken with the front camera on our phones.

I got all kinds of scrap booking stuff for Christmas and I'm so excited to make our memories more visual, but I really need to make this easier for myself in the future.

Do you scrap book or do you collect your memories in a different way? How do you remind  yourself of all the moments that have come and gone? 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Linking Fun for All

I mentioned on Sunday that Ashley, Shannon and I are starting a link up!  I'm really excited about it and I think that you should be too. But before we start anything, we want your feedback.  

We've been brainstorming a lot over the past a few weeks and we've come up with an idea that we love and we want to see if you love it too.  

We call it What's Up Wednesday.  We want to know what you're up to.  Basically it's a summary of...What's up.  We're still toying with ideas of how often we want it to be and what we want to do but here's the basic low-down 

1-  Follow all the hosts and possible guest host

2-  Write about what you're up to as of late.  It can have to do with anything you like as long as it's recent.  We want to know about your latest craft project, you're newest restaurant obsession, your favorite TV show this week, the movie you saw last week, the latest story about your kids or the vacation you have on the calendar for next week.  We want to know! 

3- Link up your post and visit other's blogs!  Don't forget to make new friends, leave comments and follow some new blogs! 

If this sounds like something you'd like to participate in, please drop me a line and let me know! I want to create a place where bloggers can share all the latest and make new friends.  Got  a better idea, let me know and we can collaborate on something even better! Leave a comment or contact me at 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Cutting Back

I promise, this is my last post about financial stuff until next Monday! I mean it's January...So I can't get enough of this little graphic.

I have big financial goals.  Currently, my big one is to pay off my car completely as quickly as possible. I don't want to pay a bazillion dollars in interest.  Makes sense right?  Well, I've been thinking about a few ways that I can make it easier to make bigger car payments and get that taken care of sooner rather than later.
In an effort to cut back on some of my expenses, I'm thinking that come March when my phone contract is up, I might ditch the iPhone, get a simple little phone without data and use social media only when I'm on the computer.  It would definitely change the way I do a lot of my blogging, but phone bills can really add up.  And for what? To be on Facebook all the time? No thanks. Ditching the iPhone could potentially mean $1400 in savings each year...But that's with no phone at all.
There are several things that I'm cutting out in an effort to save money.  Some of them, I must admit, I'm sort of sad about.
1) Spotify Premium. 
     I spend $10 a month on my premium Spotify.  There are no commercials, I get basically unlimted music, and I can play it on my phone when I'm offline.  It rocks, but if there is one thing I've learned from all my research it's that living below your means is a great way to save and Spotify Premium is definitely a luxury.  Getting read of it will save me $120 per year.  Out it goes.
2) Hulu Plus
      Hulu Plus costs $7.99 every month.  Big Whoop, right? Well that's around $100 per year that I can never get back...and for what? To watch the Mindy Project & Grey's Anatomy instead of doing my homework?  Not a good idea.  Bye Bye Hulu Plus.
3)  My Gym Membership

     Would you believe me if I told you I've been paying $22 every month for a gym membership I can't use because I live in a different state (I also have a free gym on campus walking distance from my home) and I'm too cheap to pay the $100 bucks to cancel it? Well, you should, because it's true.  For this one, I have to pay $100 up front, but it will save me $164  ($264 next year after I pay the $100 to cancel) per year! That's huge! See ya useless gym membership.
4) Eating Out
     If you ask Travis what my favorite thing to do is, he'd probably tell you that I love to eat out.  This is partially due to the fact that I lack a kitchen and partially due to the fact that eating in the Dining Commons gets very old very fast.  Well, I pay for that meal plan, so I may as well use it, right? I can't tell you exactly how much I'd save by not eating out, but I can say it would without a doubt be around $100 each month (if not more).
If I do all of those things it will save approximately $190 per month equaling $1180 per year.

 This isn't including the cell phone because I don't have any hard numbers and there a few downsides to getting rid of the phone such as none of the money saving apps like Cartwheel or Ibotta, but it could be a worthwhile trade off.  I've also considered getting a pre-paid phone simply because they're cheaper.  I've considered buying a TV to get rid of the Hulu temptation (School has a cable package with the rooms).  Basically, I waste a lot of money on the silliest things.  By making all of my purchases for only essential things, I'll have a lot more left over and be able to make extra car payments, student loan payments, and maybe even have dinner out once a month. With a shared entree. 
How do you cut your expenses to meet your financial goals?

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Weekly Round-Up


So...I have a secret to tell you.  I'm starting my own link up.  This isn't it.  But I'm just saying.  It's going to happen.  And when I was thinking about my link up  I fiugred...well It's been forever since I've joined in on anyone else's!

So here's one that is not getting the love it deserves that I want to be a part of.  It's called the Weekly round up.  Every Sunday, you share the great reads you've discovered around the interwebz.  Did you read something great this week? Well, go link up with Angie and Aubrey!

Ashley, like me, is doing 12 months of resolutions working on her own little happiness project.  It's so awesome and I'm really glad that we're doing such similar things.  We'll help each other through it.  I love her goals and I can't wait to follow her throughout the year as she works on them.
Stephanie's December spending recap totally inspired me to work really hard on my financial health this year.  I've been reading her blog for a while and her 10 month spending frost makes me feel like I can really achieve my own financial goals.
Bonnie from The Life of Bon  makes me want to go to the library everyday.  I just finished an Emily Griffin book (it took me two days) and now I'm going to be reading as much as I can.  I'm tired of filling my time with pointless Buzzfeed articles and mindlessly pinning pretty picutres.  I want to be filling my head with great writing so that I can be a great writer.  Bon made me realize that.
I am also a little bit obsessed with Shannon's Surprising Moment os 2014.  I read it twice because I liked it so much and I think you should too.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Taking Piggy Banks to the Next Level

Saving money has never really been something that is hard for me.  I have always been the type to take a little bit of my money and stash it away for a rainy day.  Sadly, though, I've had to live off my savings for virtually the entire fall semester all but depleting all that hard earned savings account.
For the past little while, I've been one of those people attempting to save while living on nothing at all.  I have a job where I only work 16 hours...I have
For the past...month I suppose, I've been preparing for this new year.  I have big plans for this year.  I want to work really hard and start paying on some of my school debt.  I want to make big car payments and prepare myself for a future living free of crappy debt.
In an effort to save I've started using some "creative" methods. View Along The Way (discovered via Pinterest) has been inspiring me like crazy.  They love Dave Ramsey, so I've been learning a lot from him in the process as well. My daddy would be so proud.
1) I've been paying for things with cash.  (and like Kelly and her family, I save all the change and toss it in my pickle jar)
2) Every time I come across a $5 bill, it goes in the jar. 
3) I am not spending any money on non-essential things. 
4) I have apps/rewards cards/coupons for everything I buy. (Ask me about Ibotta aka worlds best shopping app)
Since I dropped the first $5 bill in my pickle jar on October 31st and changed the way I spend money, I have saved about $110 and that is only the $5 bills.
Of course, saving piggy bank style shouldn't be the only way.  I plan to take all the cash I save and invest it so that not only will I be saving money, but I will be making it as well.  I'm planning on Social Security not being a thing by the time I'm old enough to collect it, so I'm not only working on making my finances good for me today, but for tomorrow as well. In the next few days, you'll see a more detailed version of what my budget looks like and how I plan to meet some of my big financial goals. 
Are you working on your financial health this new year? How's it going? Any tips for me?

Thursday, January 1, 2015


Here we are again.  A brand new year. 
I really don't understand how time is passing by so quickly.  It feel like just yesterday I was graduating from high school and now, here I am, starting into my third semester of college, nearly 22, and living life unlike the one I picutred for myself...Oh well!  With that being said, 2014 wasn't so bad! In fact a lot of great things came out of it.  I really hope that this year will be just as good.
So...Last year I wrote some resolutions.  In all honesty, I didn't do too poorly on them.  I do, however, think I sort of forgot about them.  I stopped actively working on them about half way through the year.  Some of the things I resolved to do sort of just happened as a result of an ever changing life.  Well, this year, I've decided to do something a little bit different to help me stay focused on my goals. 
Each month will be themed with something I need to work on.  I'm doing this in hopes that a continued practice of one thing at a time will help create better habits and essentially make my life better.  Of course, I'm starting frigid January with a spending freeze.

I'm working on saving, smarter, spending, investing, and finding ways to make a little bit of extra money on the side.  I'm so ready to feel financially secure, and I think this is where it starts. 

I lots of other goals lined up and I'm excited to share them all with you.  I hope everyone is ready for an amazing New Year!
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