Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Death By Jogging

This morning, I did exactly what I told myself I was going to do.  I got dressed and went for a run. 

Okay...If I call it a run, I'm totally lying. It was more like a jog to the stop sign and then walk around the block and nearly die.  I'm back at square one and it's a bad, bad thing.  I have an APFT in a few weeks and I have to pass it. Not only do I have to pass it, but I have to kick its ass. I will NOT be worse than I was when I started. 

You have to understand what life is like in Utah in the winter.  We're high up and we have this disgusting winter pollution we call "inversion".  When you go out in it and breathe the air, you may as well be a smoker. That's how bad it is.  I guess this mean I gotta go running every day.  I feel really defeated and it sucks. I had to work  really hard to running a 14:30 2 mile.  It is not cool to die from running around the block.  Not. Cool.  This is the beginning of me getting up a little earlier every morning for a run.  

In other news

Oh my god. Almost as good as How I Met Your Mother. Zooey Deschanel is riot and I can't stop watching.  I think everyone needs a douche bag jar.  We should have a blogging douche bag jar.  When someone blogs something totally douchey, you gotta put a dollar in the jar. If it's especially bad, maybe a few more.  Seriously, it should be a thing. 

When you're boring, you are suddenly very excited by extremely small things.  Yesterday, I was using my sister's computer to do Army Homework and we decided to order pizza.  We went with Dominos.  That place is usually really expensive because it's quality pizza.  DID YOU KNOW ABOUT THE COUPON SECTION?! If you click on the "coupons" tab on the website where you order, it tells you all the deals. Usually, one medium pizza with two toppings will be $14.  We got two pizzas and wings for under $19.  I almost died from shock when we hit the check out button. Coupons. Best invention ever. 

That wasn't sponsored or something. I was just excited about it.  Like I said, lame things excite boring people.  And now...I shall go for I must work a million hours and do copious amounts of laundry.  

Good day blog-world. 


Jen said...

You will be just fine!!! :)

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