Monday, February 17, 2014

The Extra Chic Section

I know...I'm the worst 5-days-a-week-blogger that has every happened to blogging. But I just...haven't had anything to say, and I try not to blog when it's going to be extremely stupid.  Occasionally, it ends up stupid anyway, but...that is beside the point.   

Lately, my days consist of working, a little bit more working, and...sitting.  I do a whole bunch of sitting. Isn't that so cool? Okay, it's not.  It's really lame. All of this working and dealing with money and just wanting to only take care of "business"y type matters, has really made me think about how much has changed in the past couple of years.  

If you ask my family about what I was like as a child, they would probably told you that I used large words and skipped the part of taking where I was hard to understand. I started using full sentences right away.  I've been wanting to just be a grown up since I was 10 years old.  When I played house, I wanted to be the mom, not because I liked to be in charge, but because I liked to be the adult. 
When I was a lil' one, I had these grand delusions that being an adult was super fun. 
It is not. 
I want to go back to being this carefree kiddo with foam rollers in my hair...

Today, I got off work before the sun went down and I felt that was cause for a celebration.  For my day off tomorrow, instead of planning fun things, I'm going to the library to work endlessly on Army Homework for my promotion.  When did I get so boring?!  Dude...I'm so boring. Did anyone else turn boring? 

There is a possibility it was caused by the cold. The other day, I felt amazing just because I could wear a skirt outside. Mind you, it was 50 degrees and still freaking cold, but pretending it wasn't so dang cold made life a little better. I even put on sandals..

I got my sandals at Walmart (the extra chic section), My skirt at the PX during AIT, and the lunchbox in the 5th grade.  Yeah, I'm cool. 

Basically, I'm doing my best to soldier on (haha didn't even do that on purpose) throughout this crappy winter and being a real sucky blogger.  I hope everyone is having wonderful Presidents day!  


Ashley said...

When John and I are together we are like an old married couple. We don't really go out after dark and are in bed by about 9 pm even though we are usually still watching TV at that point. You aren't boring alone! I promise!


I think everyone has a boring side to them... It just depends on when in life that it hits them. I agree though, Work and studying can make it rough. Working two jobs and going to school makes me sound boring!

Have a good rest of your week! :)

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