Tuesday, March 1, 2016

It's Time

The real reason I've been MIA from the blog is that I've been keeping ^ that a secret.  And it's so hard not to tell.  But it's time now. 
I'm 15 weeks.  My belly grows a little bit bigger every day, and I sleep a little less comfortably every night.  
Part of me is sightly terrified, but the rest of me is excited beyond belief.  Thinking of myself as a parent of another little human is almost too bizarre for me to wrap my head around.  But I guess it's time for that now too!
Now, for a few frequently asked questions:
Is it a girl or a boy?
We don't know yet! We'll find out at the beginning of April.  Yes, I want to know.  I have to know, or else I'll go crazy. 
Do I want a girl or a boy?
I really don't care at all.  I think a little boy would be fun and exciting and I think a little girl would be too. Corey, however, will insist every day that it's a boy. I keep telling him, "You know, there is a 5050 chance this little baby is a girl, right?
Are you guys getting married?
Wouldn't you like to know?  Most common and the most annoying question.  
What do your parents think?
 I'll admit, at first, everyone was like....um...Really?  And we're like, well, yeah.  But my parents are excited.  They can't wait to have a new grandbaby.  In Corey's family he's the oldest grandchild in his entire family.  So this is the first grandbaby for his parents, and the first great-grandbaby for his grandparents.  Which means it's kind of big deal...so Yeah, I guess you could say everyone is anxious for baby to arrive.  
Well, I guess that's all for now! 
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