Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Pain in My Bum

Sometimes I can be thoughtless. 

I signed up for some schools for the Army without realizing that if I went, I'd be missing out on my nieces first birthday.  The niece who's birth I missed because I was...get this, in training. That wasn't really in my control, but this was. I wish I would have realized what I'd done before I signed.  Now I'm secretly hoping I get denied and I have to go to a later course.

The Army can be so inconvenient. Except last night, I decided to take a little peak at my bank account. Looking at my bank account is something I dislike doing. It hurts my heart and gives me anxiety to see so little money and so many bills.  I have this delusion, that if I just don't look the money problems don't exist. 

And I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one. 

Well anyway, as I was saying, I look a little peak. AND THERE WAS SO MUCH MONEY!  Okay.  So when I say 'so much' I mean much more than I expected to see. I expected about $100 and I say $XXXX.  real life. That many figures. After waiting since July to get my bonus from the Army.  Some of my paperwork got screwed up, so I got it all at once.  

I gots MONEY IN THE BANK.  Ma boy asked me "What are you gonna do?" I replied as cleverly as I could with "It looks pretty happy in my bank account.  I think I'll leave it there." 

The Army, while it's a pain in my bum sometimes and super inconvenient, it makes can really make me happy. 


Kara said...

Best place for that money to be! I'm so proud you don't have plans to buy like a purse or something.

Christina McGuire said...

Just came across your blog! Just wanted to say hello and thank you for serving our country. Hope you'll stop by my blog and follow along with our grateful family.

Thanks again,
Christina McGuire

The McGuire Family

Ashley said...

Oh money in the bank is such a happy thought! Yay!

Tammy Jo said...

I hate looking at my account as well, but am always soooo happy when I see money I wasn't expecting just yet!!!

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