Friday, January 17, 2014

10 Things I Hate About You [Blog Edition]

Today as I sat down to blog, my brain was completely empty. I could think of literally nothing to write about. Because I've been working and my job actually requires brain activity now, I don't just brain storm odd brilliance anymore. 

When thinking about this fact, I came around to the simple prompt of "hate".  Remember 

I thought I was kind of hilarious when I made the graphic for this post because it is...disheveled. I was getting frustrated with creating the picture. I didn't like the colors, I didn't like the fonts...I was just being a flat out negative Nancy. So...I give you. 

10)  Photo editing
Although I think it really makes a blog post a lot better to have nicely edited photos that are watermarked and graphics that are nice and cute that draw the eye and catch attention of internet browsers everywhere, it is so time consuming. It can turn a 10 minute blog project into a 2 hour deal. 
Am I right?!

9)  Networking
Networking is more of a love/hate sort of deal. While I love to make new friends and connect with other bloggers, it can really get to be difficult to find blogs like yours and discover a group that you fit in's difficult. Not only that, some bloggers are all like "you better stay out of my blog circle" 

8) Finding inspiration
I really am a 5 days a week blogger, I promise but lately, I just can't think of anything to write about. 
7) Knowing what to share and what not to share

Back in the day, I used to basically air out my dirty laundry on my blog. I didn't really see it as the worst thing in the world then, but now, I hold it back a little. Sometimes I will spill my guts, but I try to do in a more...classy manner. It's just hard to know what it okay to put out there, and what should be kept to myself. - I'm sorry the concept of overshare eludes you.
6)Spell checking & Proof reading
I hat ot soo muuch htat I raerly even do it at alllll. 
see what I did there? 
5) The undeniable urge to say "did you read my blog?"
I'm a blog whore. I ask people all the time if they had the chance to check it out.  I really try not to, but it will just pop out. Or I post it on Facebook more than once or tweet it 4 times. I just wanna be loved... :'( - I don't mean to sound like a hipster but... Have you read my blog?
4) Commenting on other blogs
I read a zillion blogs. I really do, but lately, I don't have all day to sit around and leave my two cents on them. Especially the ones that already get like 50983240932 comments on them..I'll just skip over it thinking, you don't need my love. 
3) It is oddly time consuming. 
I used to be this awesome blogger than came home, sat at the computer, wrote a post, scheduled it. and it was done. Bam. Ready for the next day. Now, here I am at 10 o'clock considering just making this Thursday post a Friday post because this is taking way too long. 
2)  The obligation to show how perfect my life is...when it isn't. 
Oh, no one else?....oh...this is embarrassing. 
1)Taking 4000 pictures of everything I do because it might be "blogable"
I know I'm not the only one who has unused pictures of food, outfits, outings, my fingernails, my toenails, my planner, my hairdo, my car...
Really, I could probably write 20-25 things that I hate about blogging.  But honestly, I don't really care. Because overall, I like to blog.  It really is a huge part of my life and I love it including all the crappy stuff that comes with it. 
What do you hate about blogging?


Ashley said...

I think the one thing I dislike about blogging the most is trying to post 5 days a week and not having inspiration. That is the one thing I dislike the most.

Stephanie said...

Hahaha photo editing is the worst, I blog because I want to write not take tons of photos. I ask people all the time if they read my latest post yet!!

Tammy Jo said...

hahahah I ALWAYS ask if people read my blog too

Kelly @ [Big Apple, Little Bites] said...

I agree with you on so many of these. Def oddly time consuming. It's so hard to post daily each wkday with something new and I never remember to take photos (or use instagram or twitter).

Having a job makes it really tough to blog too. I don't know how some people do it all and do it all so successfully!

Kara said...

Totally agree! I feel bad that I don't comment on certain blog posts sometimes, but when there's already 76 comments, I don't think they'll miss one more from me. Since I started working, I now spend Sunday afternoons writing and scheduling blog posts. Sure, I might write some during the week, but it saves me if I get too busy.

Daniel White said...

I seriously fail at #6 sometimes, I've made more than my fair share of typos...especially in the post title and then I end up not realizing it until I've shared the post on Google+ and communities, Twitter and various forums.

Rich M. said...

OMG I can relate to this especially the proof-reading

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