Tuesday, January 21, 2014

R-Rated Reality.

Yesterday I had my a real live day off.  I got to sleep in until ten. I stayed in my underwear for hours.  Later in the day, my mom and I went to a movie.  

We saw Lone Survivor. I highly suggest that everyone goes to see it.  I know that it was a bit of a controversial thing because it was accused of being "war propaganda".  But all it really was, was a story about a mission gone wrong. One that you don't have to know all about the military to understand. It was about camaraderie, it was about pride, and it was about a love for something bigger than yourself on the American side and the Middle Eastern side.  It is rated R because it is violent and the dreaded F word is used a bit.  Really, I think that it's sad that reality has to be rated R, but it is what it is. 

After the movie, my momma dropped me off at the gym.  I ran one mile then sneezed for like literally 30 minutes. What the heck? Why?  I don't even know.  For some reason, running has been triggering my sneezy-flex and it sucks. 

After the gym, ma boy took me to get some Cafe Rio and gave me a wonderful gift. A DVD player! I upgraded from VHS. I can now watch more movies than just Star Wars and Mulan. Not that there is anything wrong with either of those, but it's nice to have some options...It was a good gift. This guy is pretty okay I guess.  

Overall it was a pretty nice day off. I need to start taking pictures of my little adventures so I actually have something to illustrate my bloggy with...

Oh well!  

I'm off for now. 



Tearsa Roberts said...

Ohhh I could sleep in till 10! That movie is really good! I was so frustrated the whole time, because it was all from letting the sheep herders go-it was bugging me! Haha but way good movie, and dang it was like non-stop them getting suuuuper attacked! Oh, also, mulan is pretty awesome! Haha

Tammy Jo said...

I LOVED Lone Survivor!!!! And a BOY?!?!?! Gosh I am so far behind in the blogging world!

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