Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I Think I Know What Do After the Tone

Have I ever told you that I'm weird?  I probably don't have to. If you read my blog, it's likely that you know that I'm a bit of an odd duck.  I have some weird habits

Sometimes, words come out of my mouth and I'm like...um what the hell did I just say? I'm such a weirdo.  Well, with that being said, odd things bug me. I have a bunch of pet peeves and strange thoughts about the world that I rarely hear others voicing. With that being said, I would guess that a lot of things I do, say, and think aren't as odd as I assume, but when people don't talk about it, I assume I'm alone in the world.  Today I'm going to share some of my seemingly strange complaints with the world.  If these things bother you also, please raise your hand so I know that I'm not just freaking weird.

I severely dislike the message that plays after someone's outgoing voicemail message. How long have we been recordning a message after the tone? Do you think we don't know what the little beep means?!

The fact that the pockets in girl pants aren't big enough to hold my car keys and then I end up flushing them down a toilet. 

Automatic toilets.

I'm not a particularly "neat" person, but I am ridiculous about how my towels and clothes, socks included, are folded. If it isn't perfect, I redo it.

People who only ever write lyrics as their Facebook Statuses.  Say something original people! Someone else already said that. Sure, throw out a song lyric or a quote every now and then, but come on people... Taylor Swift's lyrics fit most of our lives. You aren't special.

People who will send me a Snap Chat then never ever reply. Ever. What was the point of sending me a Snap Chat if you don't want to...chat?

Missing the previews at a movie in the theatre.

When people tell me not to bite my fork.  I'll eat how I want, thank you. 

When I write a blog post that I freaking love and I think is genius and it gets 4 views and 1 comment but when I write something I did quickly that I'm not even a big fan of, everyone reads it, everyone comments and I'm just...confused.

When people post a million pictures of their kids/nieces and nephews....oh wait...

When people add "...for a girl" onto a compliment. 

Tone deaf individuals. 

Sleeping with my door open

DVDs on a self that are not in alphabetical order or books on a shelf that are in order by title and not author. Like seriously...that's just...sick and wrong. 

and seriously, I could go on and on...

What bugs you?


Ashley said...

Automatic toilets scare me, I hate when nobody reads/comments on posts I work so hard on and when I don't know if I should respond to a snap chat with another snap or just text the person?! -- yep those things bother me too.

Tearsa Roberts said...

bahaha you crack me up!!!! I totally agree on the blog post thing-happens to me all the time! I hate it!! And the facebook statuses hahaha!!! Takes me back to the days of MySpace. When I was a tortured student with so many feelings...
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Steph said...

Oh my goodness...pockets. I agree 100%. Why in the world do we have pockets if we can't fit anything in them?!

Also, the blog post thing. Confuses me also.

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