Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Things I Leave Behind

For the past few weeks, I've been here at Fort Knox, twiddling my thumbs, having random adventures, and making new friends.   In a couple more weeks, I'll be gone.  I'll part ways from all my new friends, pack my bags (again) and head back home.  
Shortly after that, I'll be packing even more bags and moving back to Las Vegas for the rest of my college educations. I'm really excited to go, but I'm also really sad to go.  This time is a lot different from the first time I went off to college. Back then (almost exactly a year ago) I was terrified to be away from home in a different capacity.  When you're away for the Army, it's different.  You have friends that are basically issued to you.  There is always someone  to hang around with.  College, on the other hand, isn't really like that. It can be a lot harder. 
This time, though, I'm not really scared. I'm just sad about all the things I'm about to leave behind (again).
There are a few things that are Utah Originals that I can't get anywhere else. 
This is the only place that I can order anything that is hot with a little caffeine that gets me going on a rough day of work.  Well, they don't have them anywhere but Utah...So I'm out of luck. 

I'll miss my family so much. I've already been away for pretty much the entire summer and now I'll be gone all school year as well.  For some people that's no big deal.  It's completely normal for the kids to grow up and move out.  For me, it's really hard to leave home even though I really want to. 

Of course, it's already hard not to see this adorable face every day...She's so big...I can't believe how much she has changed just since I left for Kentucky. 

I'm going to miss the mountains...We have mountains in Vegas, but it's just not the same there...However, the trade off is palm trees...I love those palm trees. 

I'll miss my must as I complain about it, I don't really hate it as much as I make it seem. 

I'm leaving behind a whole lot more than I even really know, but hopefully this will be an awesome adventure where I'll actually make some real progress and make some strides towards a whole new life. 

It's hard to leave things behind, but I'm sure this will be for the better...Bye-bye Beans & Brews...


Jen said...

Oh Vegas lol....such an interesting place.

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