Monday, December 30, 2013

Such Christmas

Christmas is a very stressful time of year. In all honesty, I'm just excited for 2013 to be over.  It's time for new! And because I like new...
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Christmas went pretty well if you ask me. I got a lot of really great gifts.  My family always over does it at Christmas with the presents, but I am so grateful for everything that I get every year. I suppose this year was a bit smaller than most because we're getting older and more expensive, but I was not disappointed in the least. In fact I think that everything I got this year is really useful and awesome. These are a few of my favorite presents. 

That bottom right picture is an ice scraper that plugs into the cigarette lighter! It melts the ice!  One of my favorite things about living in Vegas was the lack of frost, so I was a little bit overly excited about that little electric scraper thing. no more of this stupid business.

I think the best part of Christmas though, was having a cute little baby around to spoil.  She has enough cute outfits and toys to last her to her third birthday. She isn't even one yet! I just wish that she knew about Santa and could understand why were all so excited. She was mostly just mad that we woke her up early to do present before they had to go to the in-laws. Poor baby Kallie. She did look quite adorable though. Even though she was pretty dang grumpy!

After we did Christmas at my house, we went over to my aunt's and did the whole family gift exchange. This year we drew names instead of buying for everyone. Our family has just gotten too big to do it any other way. I think it worked out pretty well, but I'd be lying if I said that it was a perfect exchange. Some people didn't really get a fair amount of gifts, but that isn't what Christmas is about anyway.  

I got to wear a very cute outfit and I had a really great time with my family. I'm in love with this sweater and I'm a little bit worried that I'm going to try and wear it every day. It all of my #OOTDs start to involve a mint sweater, someone please call an intervention!

Well, it's done! The Christmas recap is complete! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! Don't forget about the half off ad space!


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