Monday, December 2, 2013

My Handwriting is a Trainwreck

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And now, into the real post!

Have you ever been made fun of for being a blogger?
I certainly have.  In fact, people love to tease me because I'm always saying things like "Did you read my blog today?" Sometimes their eyes glaze over and they look at me like I'm crazy, but a lot of the time, the answer is "Yes." 
I understand that sometimes blogs completely consume the lives of the people that have them. Sometimes, their life becomes about only blog-worthy things. The world begins to revolve around #OOTDs and other hashtags. You suddenly notice that we take pictures of every meal that we cook and every outfit that we wear and you wonder...why? - I simply must photograph myself in this outfit and blog about it.
Well, I'll tell you why. Because it's fun! I absolutely love to write. Writing is how I figure myself out. I love looking back at my old posts and seeing how much I have changed.  Some peole say, well then why don't you just keep a diary or journal like all the other people in the world. That's simple: I'm not nearly as dilligent and I don't write as well. When it's just for me, I'll scrible some words on a page about my day--and when I say scrible, I'm being literal. My hand writing is a trainwreck--and then I leave it. I don't really pay attention to how I write it. When I go back later, I barely even understand what I meant or what I felt.
Here, I am far more articulate and I love to share with my friends and family what is going on with me and my life. As far as I know, they don't mind it either...most of them, anyway.  I'll admit, it's definitely possible to go overboard, but for the most part, it's not so bad.
Give it a chance before you say tell me all about how lame you think it is!


Ayesha Ahmad said...

I love this post also. You got voice babe! Hold on to it!!

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