Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Few Ways You Can Tell You're A Little Bit Too Cheap

Yesterday, I was taking shower and making a solid attempt to shave my legs. 
It wasn't really working because I think I've had the razor I was using for months. I literally can't remember the last time I went out and bought a new razor. Cheap or otherwise.
I guess there are few ways that you can tell you're a little bit too cheap. The razors are just the beginning. 
I have made two packages of toilet paper last me the entire semester. 
I am still on my first bottles of Suave Shampoo that my aunt bought for me when I moved in in August. 
Cafe Rio is literally the only thing I will splurge on and only because of the promise of an eventual free meal. 
Before I would buy more deodorant, I found the little crumbly pieces that fall down to the bottom and mashed those onto what was left and used that all. 

I do not drive if I can help it so that I don't have to pay for gas. 
I eat a lot of ramen noodles. And I only eat free ramen noodles. These particular ones were provided courtesy of my ex-work breakroom 
I take pictures of things that I want in stores to show to someone else who might want to buy it for me instead of buying it for myself. 
When I got my nails done for the Marine Corps Ball, I searched and search for the cheapest possible place until I found a full set for $20. 

I do not laundry until I have exhausted every possible wardrobe option because I don't want to pay the 2 bucks to do it. On top of that, I still have the same laundry detergent my aunt bought me when I moved in August. 

I don't have money and I don't want to spend money...I'm a little bit cheap. Hopefully that will change when a little bit when I get home and my mom is feeding me again. That is something I am looking forward to about moving back home. A full fridge and cupboards of quick fixes...

Is there any shame in being cheap? I don't really think so, but I wish I didn't have to be!
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Jessica Hall said...

hahaha, I love it, you know what embrace the cheap. means that you are not occupied by the materialistic aspects of life. It is a humbling experience and much more appreciative of the finer things in life when it does happen. Or when someone buys you something that you were really wanting or needing.

Kim @ said...

Ha ha, I love the Cafe Rio meals ... that's me, too. And I do the same thing with taking photos of things people might want to buy me. I love this post.

Jane said...

HAHAHAHA! You crack me up and I TOTALLY understand! I will often steal my husband's shampoo or deodorant to avoid buying more for myself. lol And, I think it's necessary to try Cafe Rio if it's worth the splurge!

Stephanie said...

Haha omg I don't know how you do it with the deodorant! I hate the crumbly pieces, I toss it before it's even done just so I don't have to deal with them!

Steph said...

I'm the same way with razors. It pains me how expensive they are. I don't remember the last time I bought shampoo either.

No shame in being cheap. :p

Ashley said...

haha I'm the exact same way with my razor. I've had the same one for months... Your Cafe Rio looks amazing, unfortunately I think the closest one to me in up near DC! Boo...

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