Monday, December 16, 2013

Dat Unemployed Life Doh

**Congratulations to Jane!  The Krafts for Kuties Giveaway winner!**

I've been home for a couple of days now.  So far I haven't really done a whole lot.

Being unemployed can really be a drag. 

The best part is this
Auntie Katie gets to baby sit!  Yesterday we went to see Santa. She did not like Santa.  This face is a much happier one than the one she was making while sitting on Santa's lap...Although I am NOT a mommy and I hope to not be a mommy for a very long time, it's pretty fun to hang out with this little girl.

All day I just get to hang out by the wood stove and watch ABC Christmas movies on Netflix. I would complain about being unemployed and how bad I want a job...but this is pretty okay.

While I really need to get a job, I could get used to just chilling here with a cute kid and eating spaghettios from the can.  

But if you're from Utah and you know of some employment opportunity....let me know. I could use some green to get me by.  Well, I need to get to the filling out of a zillion applications. I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!


Steph said...

Your niece is adorable!! Enjoy the relaxing and the auntie gig while you can!!

Ashley said...

She is adorable. Too bad you couldn't get that smile with Santa!

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