Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hashtag UtahProblems

One of my mom's favorite things about me being back home is that I like to fix dinner.  The past few years, I have really enjoyed cooking and learning new things. I have a few "signature" recipies that my whole family enjoys. They especially like that they don't have to cook it. 
Last night I fixed us up some enchiladas...I have a thing with chicken dishes...The best thing about pretty much everything I make, is that it's all really quick and easy.When I make nearly anything with chicken (taco soup, pot pie etc.) I just buy a rotisserie chicken so I don't acutally have to cook it, just tear it all off the bone and toss it in.  It really makes cooking amazingly easy. 
Nearly everything I cook starts in a can or a package and ends up freaking delicious, so I'm not ashamed of it one little bit!
This is how my meal turned out last night
Mmmm...My mouth is watering. 

I'm also enjoying some of the fantastic luxuries that come with being back home in the winter time...Living in Las Vegas spoiled me. Bad.  I was running around in a jacket while the sun was shining down on me...And now, I can't leave my water in the car over night or else this happens. 

For realsies...This is the worst...I'm a freaking popsicle and so is my water apparently. 

On the brightest of sides, like I said yesterday, I'm the baby sitter for now. I figured I ought to help out, being all unemployed and all.  I don't get it though, she has a million toys in front of her, and all she wants to play with is the new paper and an unopened package of ramen noodles...

When I called her name for this picture, her face was priceless.  She's adorable and I can't believe I've had to miss out on so much of her first year of life. 

Well, it's time to watch the Grinch and quote it verbatim until I even annoy myself. 


Tammy Jo said...

I LOVE the Grinch!!!!

Lauren said...

That meal looks so fantastic!!!!

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