Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Ones Who Made Me

I'm sucking up this every weekday posting thing...Let's blame it on finals/moving in a week Sons of Anarchy.

My "Month of Me" would not be complete without sharing a little bit about the two amazing people who made me. Today is my parents 26th Wedding Anniversary.  I would not be me without my parents.  They have allowed me to screw up. They've picked me up when I fell down.  They have and always will come to my rescue.

My parents have taught me what a marriage looks like.  They love each other.  They make sacrifices for each other.  They have always worked hard to make life good for my sisters and me even when it was really hard.  They show appreciation for each other and continue to be an amazing example for us all.  

They're the best grandparents in the world.  Sure, sometimes my dad lets Kallie Wallie get a little messy...But we didn't need that Cap'n Crunch she dumped all over the kitchen floor then stopped on anyway.  They parent Kallie just like they parented us...Giving up everything to make that little lady happy.  

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad! I'm sorry I wasn't there to celebrate it with you, but I'm sure I'll be there for the next 26! I love you both to the moon and back!


Jen said...

I hope they have a wonderful anniversary!!!

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