Thursday, May 28, 2015

Just Becuase.

Every now and then, I make decisions that really don't have any reason tied to them.  Well they do have reasons, but they don't always make a ton of sense.  This summer I've made some of those decisions. 

+ I have vowed not to wear flip flops any more.  They're lazy and they make my feet dirty.  

+ I'm going to wear less make up.  I honestly haven't been wearing any for the past little while and I'm loving it. 

+ I'm getting rid of nearly half of the crap that I own. I've been downsizing for the past few days (a major reason I haven't blogged...I've been too busy!)

+I'm going to buy an adult-sized bed.  I've been sleeping on a twin all my life and I'm ready for one that I can sleep diagonal on. 

+ I'm blogging less.  That was a pretty deliberate decision.  I love my blog...But living life is so much more important. I've realized that the happier I am with my life, the less I feel the need to blog.  I do it more out of enjoyment than necessity.

+ I'm lessening my 'screen time'.  Less phone, less computer, less TV.  I've really only been watching when it's something I'm doing with someone else.

Do you do anything for reasons you can't alway pin point? 

What do you do just because?


Jen said...

I actually don't wear as much makeup as I used to either. I usually end putting on mascara and blush, I'm good with that. :)

Jessica said...

This is so great. It always feels great when you start being deliberate about how you live and choose what you want in your life and what you value the most.

Katie said...

It really does. I've been doing a lot of reflecting lately and I've felt like I needed to do a few things. so I am. Simple as that!

Amelia Hastings said...

We've been decluttering too! To be fair, it's not a just because, since we're moving & all, but it feels really good to get rid of junk and simplify your life! I'm going to try to leave minimally and meaningfully in the new place and not get so much crap!

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