Wednesday, April 15, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

First of all, I'm so so sorry about my post today! My computer did not want to turn on today and apparently I didn't schedule this...So I'm just now getting it posted! Fail. 

Every Wednesday I'm lucky enough to share with you what I'm up to as of late! I work with Ashley, Shannon, and a guest (Today we've got Marissa!) to make What's up Wednesday happen!

Please be sure to follow the prompt as well as our guidelines.  We would also love it if you stuck around, followed along, and definitely clicked on some of those other wonderful links!

What I loved about the past week// I got to sub in a first grade classroom and it's seriously lighting up my life.  Those kids are so great and it gets me so pumped for my future career as a teacher

What I'm looking forward to// Today I'm getting inducted to an honor society! I'm pretty excited about it! Honestly, though, I'm a little nervous!

What my latest obsession is// I'm drooling over the new MacBook.  It comes in GOLD! I want it.  Bad.  *EDIT* the reason this post is late is because I need a new computer...time to get the new MacBook...**

What I'm daydreaming about// obvs I'm dying for summer to just be here already.  This semester needs to end.  But I'm also looking forward to my 22nd birthday, going home next weekend, and well getting my grades!

What I'm watching// Mostly Grey's Anatomy when I'm going to sleep and occasionally One Tree Hill if I'm feeling teenagery/dramatic. 

What I'm craving// You know those Asian Chili wings at Applebees? I want them like...every day?

What I'm doing this weekend// I'm playing music in a bar in Boulder City! I always love doing that! 


Jen said...

Congrats on the honor society induction!

Chelsie Carr said...

Loveeeee Grey's Anatomy. I binge watch that show all the timeeee! Also, I need a new macbook, too. Mine is acting like it's about to take off to the moon. Dustin wants me to try to reboot it I'm going to attempt to this weekend. Fingers crossed that I don't loose everything!

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