Monday, April 20, 2015

Sometimes You Just Need to Finish SOMETHING!

Today I have a wonderful guest! I've been reading her blog for a few month and I'm very excited to have her here today.  She has been an amazing contributor to my college fund by sponsoring my blog! You can contribute too! All you have to do is click on the Advertise button.  There you can learn about the different packages and purchase your package! 
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Without further ado, I hand my blog over to Miss Emilie
This is a guest post by me, Emilie Lima Burke from . I am currently a senior at Princeton University, where I study politics. My blog is a lifestyle blog where I cover an array of topics from my workouts to my life transition to my fun projects like this. If you like this post, please Emilie Lima Burke. You’ll get lots of fun updates, including the end of the projects mentioned in this post.

If you're a follower of my blog, you may have seen my post a couple of months ago about my first big cross stitch project.. As I've mentioned, I've been working on something for my boyfriend’s mom since I finished that project all those weeks ago. It is certainly becoming a beautiful project, but as I've focused on my thesis more and more I've been able to spend less and less time on it. Not only that, but I've been frustrated by how long its taken me. Like I said, it’s the biggest project I've ever taken on. Everything I've done to this point has been much smaller- little bits here and there, but certainly not something that is two pages in size.

Frankly, it’s been a little frustrating to me to feel like I’m working, working, working, and still not done (is this a major analogy for my thesis? Perhaps). A couple blocks from my dorm is Pins and Needles Princeton. I had never done any needlepoint before, but I explained to the nice girl behind the counter that I was a cross-stitch-er but that I was looking for a small needlepoint project that I could finish in a day. She took a few minutes to walk me through the difference between basic needlepoint and cross-stitching. I've gathered that going from cross-stitch to needlepoint is much easier than the other way around. Anyway, I picked up a small kid’s kit that wasn't too expensive.

And I finished it in one day.

It’s not like this project is going to mean anything or go anywhere. I’m not going to have it finished. It’s not going to be an ornament or anything. It was just a thing to finish because in that moment, I just needed to finish something. It wasn't that I was doubting my skills. It was that I needed to be reminded that I could finish something. I needed to feel that sense of accomplishment.

After having knocked that out in a day, it felt good again to go back to my project. A couple of the needle pointers I met suggested having two projects to work on at the same time, so now I've got two that I’m working on that I love. It gives me the chance to not get tired of a project because I can switch over. The projects are also in contrast because one has a lot of browns and browns while the other is all shades of pink! One is not better than they other but they are just super different.

I hope to share them on the blog really soon!


Shannon Hall said...

I feel you on this! I always have so many things going that it feels so good when you just sit down and do something all the way through. Love this post!

Emilie Burke said...

Thanks for having me!

Emilie Burke said...

Amen! It can feel so good to cross something off your to-do list!

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