Thursday, October 16, 2014

You're Telling Me...What?

I shared an article the other day about how fast love moves in the modern relationship.  It was basically saying that part of why they move faster these days is because technology and more constant contact with whoever you're dating at the time.  It's only natural that a relationship might progress a little fast.  The article, though, was saying you may want to slow things down.  
I see a lot of articles on my news feed about relationships, marriages, dating etc. Prior to being in a relationship, I typically passed over them.  I didn't really care what they had to say about my non-existent relationship.  But since starting to exclusively date my adorable man, I glance at them.  I liked the one linked above.  I think it had some good things to say about a relationship and how if you can help it, get to know someone very well before you tie the knot. 
I liked the article and it had some good things to say about a relationship in general
But here's the thing: 
If you are counting on an article on the internet to tell you where your relationship should be you might have bigger things to worry about. Sure you can read 10 articles with titles like "12 ways to please you man" or "15 ways to tell your relationship is on the right track" but if you're depending on some random article to tell you how you should be feeling or what you should do...doesn't that sound like it might be...well, wrong? 

I'm not saying that there is no way you can get good advice from something you read on the internet.  I read stuff all the time that reminds me to be nicer or give me some money tips that help me better handle my finances, but when it comes to my man, I think I'd like to leave the learning to experience.  If anything, I think reading these articles and blog posts make me feel less secure in my relationship that is going really well...therefore, I have no reason to feel anything but secure.

What do you think? Can something someone else wrote determine where your relationship should be?  Do you worry if yours isn't like the articles say? Should we pay any attention to all those articles we see on our news feeds and Pinterest?  Is it any different than chatting with your girlfriends and having them tell you where your relationship should be?


Ashley said...

I purposely avoid those articles about relationships. I start to feel bad when my relationship isn't like the ones I read about, but that doesn't mean that I don't have a great relationship. Mine is just different and unique.... as I'm sure you know.

Jen said...

I do not put any stock in articles about relationships. Sometimes I feel like the people writing them have a skewed perception.

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