Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Midterm Blues

Right now, my brain is so fried from writing an essay (that still isn't done, in case you were wondering...Due in exactly 24 hours) that I simply had to take a break.  I had to write something that isn't horribly labored. Maybe blogging a little will help the creative juices flow and make it easier to crank out a stupid "evaluation essay".

That whole intro was basically just me trying to convince myself that this procrastinating is necessary for my mental health.  It's most likely a lie I generated to make me feel better, but...maybe it will work. 

This is the part of the semester were everything sort of...seems to fall apart.  On Saturday, I cleaned my room down to organizing my drawers to avoid working on this paper that has been giving me so much trouble.  If you know how I am about cleaning, that should be a pretty impressive thing.  I guess I should hand it to myself, at least I'm being a productive procrastinator.  I don't only not do what I need to, I complete something else that I was putting off. 

However, Travisland is still fantastic. 

On Sunday, he stopped by my weekly gig at the Arts Factory. After that, we went out for pizza at the Four Queens hotel on Fremont Street.  Let me tell you something about this pizza...It was freaking amazing.  It cost about $18 for a 16 inch pizza that we demolished...The coolest thing about our little pizza excursion, is that the place is really quite unsuspecting.  You wouldn't even really think to order pizza at the restaurant.  Luckily, we know a pizza connoisseur that sent us to the right place.   

Well, now that I have stayed up too late and made some progress on my paper, this blog post can come to a close.  I hope that you all have a wonderful rest of your week. 


Jen said...

I know exactly what pizza you are talking about! It is good. I hear ya about midterms, I am in the middle of them and moving as well. It's a little stressful.

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