Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Because No One Wants to Stare at the Back of Your Phone

Do you ever look at your blog and realize that you haven't written in a century and you really don't know what the reason is? Yeah...That's me right now.  I've been way too busy living life to write here on the blog.  Believe it or not, I have hardly even looked at my phone in weeks. 

I think I have Travis to thank for that.  If you're just joining me, Travis is my boyfriend.  He's a great guy that I'm ridiculously happy with. When Travis and I are together, our phones are not present.  Yeah, it's okay if we need to send a message here or there to Momma or Auntie or whatever, but in general, we have an unspoken rule that phones just don't have a place in our relationship unless we're using them to communicate with each other (or our mommies or whatever because we love them)

On Sunday I played a gig with that bluegrass group I've been playing with.  P.S: if you live in the Las Vegas area or you're visiting on a Sunday, the Hangover Brunch at the Arts Factory Bar + Bistro is on point (and I play there!) 

Anyway...There was a couple sitting up close to where we play...The girl had her phone in front of her face the entire time the sat there.  Literally the entire meal he boyfriend or husband, or best man-friend stared at the back of her phone...

I know I just said the other day that you shouldn't really trust the internet for all of your relationship advice, but trust me, this is a good one. 

\  I wasn't always super great at this.  Ask my family...I sucked at putting my phone away...Don't get me wrong, it still goes everywhere that I go, but instead of pulling it our every five minutes and scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, I spend time with Travis.  We take our phone out to show each other funny pictures or laugh at something we read, but in general, they just aren't there and it makes our relationship better. 

Give it a try.


Jen said...

The only times our phones are not present is if we are out to dinner. Otherwise we both have too much going on to not have access to our phones.

Jamie said...

Such a good reminder.

Shannon Hall said...

It's crazy how attached people get to their phones. Myself included. I definitely need to be better about not taking it out constantly!

Lauren Nicole said...

My boyfriend and I do this while out too, we occasionally take a pic together but that's about it :-)

Sierra Burton said...

I just found your blog through "The Hallway" and I have to say I'm a new follower! I love that you and your boyfriend don't use your phones when you're together. I'm not currently in a relationship but that is something I definitely want to use in my future relationship!


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