Monday, October 13, 2014

The Red Bull Air Race

Oh my gosh.  If you ever have the chance to go to an air race, freaking go.  It cost Trav and I $58 total for two days worth of tickets to the race and it was so freaking awesome to watch.  Here we are at the entrance of the race.  It was a really hot, sunny day in the grand stands, but still so worth it. 

Before going to this race, I was totally confused about how we were going to watch an air race and a NASCAR speedway.  It didn't matter that Travis had explained it to me multiple times, I still couldn't quite wrap my head around the idea.  Once we got there and I actually saw it, though, I felt stupid for not getting it in the first place. 

They have these big pylons set up up and the planes have to fly a certain way around or through them.  They also have other rules regarding how how they can fly in certain places, how much smoke their plane has to emit (I'm assuming it's just for aesthetics), and of course, they have to do it all very fast.  It's very hard to see in the pictures where the planes are.  The camera just couldn't quite capture the magic,  Luckily though, like I said in my last post, Travis is in flight school...the plans were in a hangar at his air port.  We just got to walk right in and check out all the planes for ourselves. 

I didn't fully understand how cool it was to be able to do this until the race on Saturday.  I'd imagine people paid some serious money to go check out those planes and we did it just passing by the air port.  Too cool. 

Here's a couple pictures of the race its self. Again, sorry for the photo quality.  One, we were watching the race more than taking pictures.  Two, those planes fly fast...

Overall, it wasn't a bad day! We cooked in the grandstands and Travis ate a very overprices hot dog.  After the race, we went out to Metro Pizza and discovered that the individual size would have been plenty.  If you ask me, it was a pretty great weekend. I hope this isn't the last air race I ever get to see. 


Jen said...

I love Air Races they are so much fun!! If you get a chance check out the NHRA event coming to the The Strip at the speedway. It's at the end of October and is awesome!

Shannon Hall said...

I didn't even know air races were a thing. That's so awesome.

Ashley said...

That's awesome! I hope I can catch an Air Race sometime.

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