Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Surviving The First Day of College

I scheduled this post and forgot to finish writing, but now it's all fixed and actually ready for the public's eyes.  That's a little embarrassing...Oh well.  Hopefully I'll be back in the groove next week getting all my posts knocked out like normal.  Sorry...I suck. I'll be better, I swear.  It's time for some more of these babies. 

Let's be honest, college is scary.  Last year, my first day was terrifying.  I knew where my classes were, but I was still about to have a coronary the whole day.  I hadn't bought my parking permit, I didn't have my books, I was a couple years older than all of the "kids" around me...It was scarier than my worst day in basic training. 

I feel like that first day of college set the pace for my entire year. It started it off on the wrong foot.  This year though, I got back to my dorm at the end of my first day and I felt so great.  I got in a work out, I had some lunch, found my classes without a problem, chatted with some people around me, and get this, I even had all the required text books.  Again, I feel like that first day set the pace.  Lucky for me, that pace was a good one.  I learned a lot from my last year of college and I'm so excited for the year to continue. 

As I've had both good and bad experience, I thought I'd share a bit about it and continue on in the college chronicles!

1.  Find your classes before the first day! My school has an app that has a satellite view of the campus.  I would be lying if I said I didn't consult it today! It was a big help and I'm glad I used it. 

2.  Make conversation! I promise, it doesn't hurt to talk to strangers in college.  In fact, it's a good idea.  

3.  Don't freak out if you don't have you books yet.  Chances are, half you class hasn't even considered looking at the syllabus let alone getting the required text.

4.  Figure out your parking situation well before your first day of school! There is nothing like a ticket to ruin your bright and shiny attitude on the first day!

5.  Get notebooks and folder that are designated for each class...I mad the mistake at first of taking all my notes in one notebook for all my classes.  Now I have all these notes that are out of place and I'm having to re-write them all and it's stupid. 

6. Don't goof off! You get a syllabus in all of your classes that probably has all the important dates and big papers due.  Get ready with those awesome time management skills and make it so you don't get overwhelmed right off the bat. 


Shannon Hall said...

Glad you're back! I always struggled with talking to people in class. I could do it easily anywhere else, but for some reason class was so intimidating!

Valerie Casey said...

I agree. College has its ups and downs, and you'll definitely experience some good and horrible things along the way. But the good thing is that the experience teaches you to be a responsible, if not wiser, person. Bad things might’ve happened on the first day, but at least you had an inkling of how things are in your school and in college, in general.

Valerie Casey @ College Funding Freedom

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