Thursday, September 18, 2014

And Old Crow Kind of Night

First of all...Stop whatever you're doing and go check this out!  I wrote my first freelance piece for the veterans' website Task & Purpose and I would love it if you supported me and gave it a read!
Last year when I moved to Las Vegas I had a lot of trouble fitting in anywhere.  I didn't really have friends and I honestly felt like maybe I'd made the wrong decision moving here.  It wasn't fun.  I wasn't getting that "college experience" that I wanted and I was really sort of sad. 
This year has been the polar opposite. I found a fun little Irish Pub with a bluegrass jam that I've been going to on Saturday nights.  I've made some new friends.  My roommate and the people on my floor are cool and fun to chat with. 
Those awesome people I have been playing music with? They hooked me up with an incredible opportunity and got me a free ticket to go and see the Old Crow Medicine Show at the Brooklyn Bowl. 
The openers were an amazing lil group from Louisiana called The Deslondes .  I can't even believe how much I enjoyed listening to them.  After the show, I bought their CD and it's currently in my car on repeat. Not to mention the fact that a couple of them are so cute... 

Later came the main act...I can't even describe to you how they made my heart sing.  They are incredible musicians constantly showing how proficient they are on some other instrument than what they had been playing before.  They were hard core.  Played a million songs and basically...It was the best night of my existence so far.
 I don't know why they turned out so purple.  I think it was just the lighting on the stage.  But seriously.  Holy crap.  They're amazing. 

After the show, I was walking out of the venue and saw some of the members of the band.  I stopped them and just had a regular conversation with them about how I'm a mandolin player and I was completely inspired.  They looked so grateful for the compliment and were sincere.  Possibly the nicest and most famous people I'd ever spoken to. 
And now I just want to play and play and play and never quit...
Inspiration at its finest. 


Jill Herzberg Morgenstern said...

Oh we saw Old Crow Medicine show a couple years ago! SO fun!!!!! So glad you're having a good year so far Katie! Wishing I could come hear that Monday jam!

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