Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Why Did I Even Write Today?

Can I just say...working full time doing the same thing all day is difficult. It's hard to sit at a desk all day. It's hard to speak with angry people all day. It's hard to feel like I never have free time and like I never see my family. 

But I love my job.  Besides the military, I have never worked in a place where I feel like I can just chat with the people around me.  I'm never afraid to ask questions.  Everyone is so nice and I really caught on quick.  I love the people I work with and although it is hard to drag my bum to work, when I get there, I don't even look at the clock. It's just...good. It might not be a dream job, but it is enough. 

Item #2
This planner was literally the best idea I ever had. It is my life and never leaves my side. There is a possibility that I won't ever have excuses for forgetting things ever again. It's an amazing thing.  I know that bloggers have a thing for planners and some really have trouble finding the right one. Well for me, Plum Paper is the way to go! I'm in love. 

Part of the reason I have been so absent from the blogging world and such is because I got a life.  I'm dating someone right now that I am really compatible with. He's completely different than most of the guys I've dated and so far, it's going really well. At least I think so.  As it's still new...I don't want to jinx it. For now, this is all you get on that topic!

There really isn't a number four. but this post didn't feel over yet...I suppose I can use this item for blogging business. 
Item #4 is...I partnered up with The Sassy Seamstress .

As I've said before, I'm all about small business and I love to see those people succeed.  Watch out for weekly deals, reviews, and all kinds of great things from her. And from me ;)


Kristin said...

love your planner! i at first thought it was Erin Condren which I have and love!

Tammy Jo said...

So glad your job is going good!

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