Monday, January 27, 2014

I'm A Pretty Pretty Princess

First and foremost, I should probably apologize for being a little bit MIA...My life hasn't been cool enough to blog about, so I haven't really felt like it. Well, I decided that that is a stupid excuse and I should just do a bit of writing anyway. 

Last night, we went out for dinner for my mom's birthday.  She likes sea food, so we went to Joe's Crab Shack. I was lucky enough to sit next to these two. Forgive me while I post too many pictures of my adorable niece. 

She suddenly has four teeth. I swear, they all cropped up overnight at the same time. She is getting way too big way too fast...

Dinner I don't like sea food, and Joe's doesn't really have any other options, but it was okay.  It was more about hanging out with my family and celebrating my mom's birthday. Plus, they made her shout "I'm a pretty, pretty princess" while they sang to her. It was too funny. We had a good time chatting the night away and laughing together.  It reminds me why I missed being home so much. 

For the past couple weeks, I've been working like a dog bringing in the big bucks. Okay...not the big bucks, but working nonetheless. I can't even tell you how much better it is to have a job and a purpose in life than it is to be unemployed and freaking bored all the damn time. Life is better now. It's busier, but oh man is it better. 

Although I'm loving being home because I've sincerely missed my family, there are somethings that I do not miss about being home. I am sooo not loving this inversion. That looks like fog out there in the distance, but you want to know what it really is? Pollution. Ew. I can barely breath and it's gross. I feel like I need to wear my ProMask (gas mask) everywhere...

Honestly...It is so dang yucky.  I hope that it starts to clear up soon.  It usually fades as the temperatures rise, and I was driving around with my window down today, so I think this air has some potential to clear up. At least a little bit. 

Now, I'm sitting in a nice chair, writing in my blog, and watching Seven Brides For Seven Brothers. I'm pretty sure that life doesn't get a whole lot better than that...Lets all hope I have the motivation to post some quality content. :)


Jen said...

Your niece is so darn cute! :)

Alexis Nay said...

Yeah whose baby is that anyway? Must be a good looking mother to produce that cute of a little girl :D

Kara said...

Nothing gets better than Seven Brides for Seven Brothers! I love old musicals!

Tammy Jo said...

Such cute nieces!!! We went to Joes for my sisters birthday one year and they made her get on all 4's and bark like a dog!

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