Wednesday, December 11, 2013

There Was So Much Fun to be Had

The day that I go back home is getting so close. 
There are a few things that I am really looking forward to. I have a few job prospects, which will be nice. I like to start new things. I have an interview at a clothing store in Park City on Monday. Now, in all honesty, folding shirts at the Abercrombie & Fitch Outlet is not my dream job, but I would be willing to bet that it would be a good experience. 
I'm even willing to work two jobs to be able to do that. Crazy? Maybe. But I like to be busy, and do you know how many famous people are just wandering around Park City?! Tons. I could meet all sorts of famous people.  That sort of job, while not my dream, could really be worth it.
I've been attempting to pack up my dorm room, but I'm not really doing the best job at that. It' most just an enormous mess (insert shocked face here). There is stuff everywhere. But hopefully I'll get my act together this afternoon and get nearly everything where it needs to go. But it makes me so sad to pack. 
I am really going ot miss living in Las Vegas. I was running around the track at the gym the other day looking out the windows and seeing the awesome Las Vegas Skyline.  I think I might make it a goal to come back here.  Other than it being ridiculously expensive to attend school, I've really liked it here. 
I had so many adventures.
I up and drove to Flagstaff Arizona for a bluegrass festival where I paid for almost nothing because so many people were around to take care of me.  I drove to California couple times on these scary desert roads just to pick someone up and drop them off. 
That windshield had so many bugs on it I could barely see through it by the time the weekend had come to an end.  I had friends come visit me and we had all kinds of fun pretending we had money and drinking too much on the strip. 
I made two really great friends that I can always count on to tell me the truth. 
and I survived my first semester of college without coming out on the otherside filled with hatred for shool. In fact, I kind of did sort of well. That was a nice surprise. 

I got to go to the Marine Corps Ball where I got to wear a beautiful dress, hang out with a sweet guy and make some new friends. 

There was so much fun to be had here and I think I took advantage of it. Sure, there were a lot of things on my list that I didn't end up doing, but I'll get there. I'm really going to miss jumping on the free way and seeing the fake statue of liberty. It has really been quite the past couple of months, Las Vegas. I'll miss you and I hope I get to return. 

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Kelly @ [Big Apple, Little Bites] said...

Glad you took advantage of your time in Vegas. And good luck with the job prospects!

Packing is never fun or easy. I have to do it almost every year because rent is so high in NY and I get a rent increase whenever my lease is up. I hate it every time. Good luck!

Ashley said...

Good luck with packing! I bet it's so difficult to leave Vegas! I had a hard time leaving my podunk college town because it was filled with so many great memories. Hopefully you'll get back there one day.

Tearsa Roberts said...

Aww park city is fun! You'll be there for the sun dance film festival! That will be a drastic change! Going from Vegas to the mountains!! I worked at Abercrombie kids when I first graduated. I was their slave. And I didn't make any money because I just bought their clothes.

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