Friday, December 20, 2013

Give Me the Freaking Time of Day. Please?

I'm not sure if this is a link up anymore, but I'm going to write some Friday Letters.

Dear Employers,
Don't post that you have all these job openings then never ever respond to my emails, resume submitions and applications. I am a qualified individual! Give me the freaking time of day...

Dear Family,
You better appreciate my snow shoveling, dinner cooking, dish doing, diaper changing, and overall charming personality. This is freaking exhausting...Execpt, I will say, I cook a damn good...everything.

Dear Facebook, GQ, A&E, and...everyone else,
Phil was asked a controversial questions and gave an answer that was--wait for it--Controversial. Why are you all so surprised that a "God-Fearing" man responded honestly about his opinion towards homosexuality? He also said something about how he would never love anyone less because of it. The people hating on him are the ones exhibitting bigotry and intolerance, not him.  It goes both ways ya know?

Dear Kallie,
I love you and your cute little cupcake bum pants, but holy crap, you are confirming my suspicions that I can never ever be a stay-at-home momma. Ever.

Dear Army,
I have never been so happy to be a Soldier as I was yesterday. When I decided to go out and shovel the snow, I had gortex boots, a fleece cap, a waffle top, and work gloves. My feet were dry and warm after hours of shoveling and my hands were protected...hooah...just hooah.

Dear December,
What the heck happened to you?! Where did you go? I have no presents, no money, and I'm so not ready for Christmas to be a week away...


Ashley said...

Your food looks so yummy! What is the cake for?

Tammy Jo said...

Um yes where in the hell did the month of December go?!?!?!

Charlene Maugeri said...

Amen to December and the one about Phil Robertson! And your food looks delicious! Good luck on your job hunt.

Kara said...

I got a sorry, you suck letter yesterday from a job I applied for in August or September. Ridiculous.

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