Friday, February 20, 2015

The Book of Love

In a couple of my Wednesday posts I mentioned that I was working on something for Travis for Valentines day.   Well now that I have given it to him, I can actually share it here.  He's a lurker. Totally would have ruined the surprise.  
So I put pen to paper for several hours and I wrote down about 46 reasons that I am head of heels for Travis.  I originally wanted to do that deck of cards thing that you see all over Pinterest and write 52 reasons, but some reasons were just much better than others and I wanted it to be meaningful.  After going through the many reasons, I picked out 19 of my favorites and came up with this. 

I took some of the paper that my family got me for Christmas, got out the glue stick and started cutting paper at about 1:00 am. I don't know why I get inspired to do things at such odd hours of the night. I cut out a bunch of stuff and picked out my favorite things on the list of reasons why I love my cute boyfriend. 

I wrote here that I love how he teaches me things.  I used some Washi tape and I wrote in my best hand writing and I sort of cried a little bit while I was writing these.

Determining which things to write on the pages was pretty hard.  46 is a lot of reasons. Basically what I did was I read through the reasons and I thought about which things make me sort of smile a little bit.  I think about the things that I'll remember forever and always no matter what.  Those are the reasons that I wrote down. (and really I left out a whole lot...)

On a few pages, I wrote a favorite moment and a few simple things that I love about him.  I was sure not to carry on forever, but I just wanted him to know.  Not that I think he's gonna forget or something.  For the finished product, I punched a hole in the corner and slipped a binder ring in it so that you can turn the pages. 

I loved giving it to him and I loved watching him read through it and see what all I had to say to him.  I will probably never get tired of springing random cute things on Travis and I hope that I have a lot more opportunities to do it. 


Jen said...

This is such a cute idea!

Sierra said...

What a fantastic, cute idea. I bet he loved it! I love gifts like this, so much more meaningful.

Shannon Hall said...

This is the cutest. And I love that you narrowed it down to the best reasons instead of doing a ton! I might have to do something like this.

Jade Lee Wright said...

This is SO cute - oh my word Travis must have loved it!! How special!!! I wish I'd done something like this - I just shoved photos into a frame :( oops!!!! I'm usually much more creative and thoughtful but there's so much on my plate right now (nothing tasty!! hahaha) that I haven't had any real time to think!!

You are such a sweety! Travis is a lucky man!!!

Katie said...

He definitely loved it. It was really fun to make! It helped remind me why I love that he's in my life so much!

Katie said...

Thanks! It took some time, but it was so worth it. He really loved it.

Katie said...

Thanks! He really did love it. I'm glad that I took the time to make it for him.

Katie said...

Thank you!

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