Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Gray Sky Tuesday

Tuesday...What is it about Tuesdays that just makes the sky look gray? So instead of being sad about Tuesdays I'm just going to tell you more fun things about me.

...You would know that I'm currently watching Breaking Bad and I get confused by how I want the Meth Cookers to come out on top. 

...you would know that I have a recent obsession with bagels.  I like the plain ones with toasted with strawberry cream cheese.

...you would know I get completely overwhelmed sometimes.  The anxiety gets the best of my and I just want to fall apart...but somehow I come down off the ledge, I talk myself through it, and I make it. 

...you would know the only thing in my life that is organized is my planner.  Everything else is a complete mess virtually all the time.  My room stays clean for about 4 days.  Max.

...you would know that I'm totally rocking my new years resolutions.  I didn't share all of them right off the bat, so it's hard for you to know how well I'm doing, but trust me...It's going to so well. 

...you would know that I fell off the wagon and started drinking Coke again about half way through last year. I disappointed myself when I started up again, but the good news is, I quit again for this year! I haven't had a Coke in month. 

...you would know I got a new blog design! Of course, I had the amazing Jane take care of the details.  I also added Disqus to allow for ease in commenting (not exactly a secret, but just thought I'd bring it up...)

...you would know that I'm so happier than I have been in...well probably my entire life.  


Jade Lee Wright said...

Hahahaha I also desperately wanted the meth cooker to come out on top! I have seen Breaking Bad in ages! Lost where I was too! Damn! It was such a good show!!
Aw I wish I could do a complete revamp on my blog but I really don't have the time or know anyone to help! It would be amazing to personalize it - yours looks amazing BTW!!!!
Congrats on the coca cola goal!! I used to love it but after seeing what it does to a coin... urgh.. shudder... no thanks!


Jen said...

Good job on not having a coke!!! You can do it.

Katie said...

Thanks! It wasn't really much of a challenge this time around. I still have little cravings every now and then, but I feel good! It makes a huge difference and I drink a lot more water so life is good.

Ashley said...

Good job on not drinking coke! I decided to try to not drink soda for a month. So far I'm doing very well... but using the specialized coke machine last night was very difficult.

MeandMySoldierMan said...

Yay for killing resolutions!

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