Wednesday, January 7, 2015

While Scrapbooking

For Christmas, I gave my family the beginnings of a scrap book with pages for everyone.  I used photos from Kallie's first birthday and her first trip to the zoo.  I made a page for when my mom came down to Vegas when I moved here the second time.  I made one for my little sister's graduation and a few others.

The more I scrap book the more I realize how important it really is to take a lot of pictures and actually try to remember a moment as it happened.  As I attempt to scrounge up all these pictures of all our graduations, birthdays, and other big family events all the pictures are in awkward places where we're being rushed to get out of the way. 

I'm finding photo stories incomplete because pictures were only taken at the very start of something we were doing.  It makes it so difficult to put together all of these moments on a page for us to remember and tell stories about.  That's pretty insane simply because it is so easy to take pictures today and document the big important parts of our lives.

It's not necessarily a resolution, but as a goal for...basically the rest of my life I want to make a better effort to take quality pictures.  I want to make sure we have the kind of pictures that you want to glue to a page with a bunch of cute stickers to pull out and look at later.  I don't want to have to comment on the fact that it's just another book of selfies taken with the front camera on our phones.

I got all kinds of scrap booking stuff for Christmas and I'm so excited to make our memories more visual, but I really need to make this easier for myself in the future.

Do you scrap book or do you collect your memories in a different way? How do you remind  yourself of all the moments that have come and gone? 


Jen said...

Sometimes it's hard to remember to take photos of a whole event.

Jade Wright said...

I agree - documenting our lives is so special and important. It is something you can keep forever and pass on to your family and kids one day.

Lovely post! I feel like going home now and pouring a big ass glass of merlot and scrap booking :)

New follower xxxxx

Ashley said...

I tried scrapbooking, but it is difficult to remember to take pictures through a whole event. I really want to get more into it.

Shannon Hall said...

So cute! I tried scrapbooking once. I made one whole scrapbook and will probably never do it again haha - it takes so long! But I love the finished product!

JG said...

I love scrapbooking, I haven several I need to get started on again :)

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