Friday, January 2, 2015

Taking Piggy Banks to the Next Level

Saving money has never really been something that is hard for me.  I have always been the type to take a little bit of my money and stash it away for a rainy day.  Sadly, though, I've had to live off my savings for virtually the entire fall semester all but depleting all that hard earned savings account.
For the past little while, I've been one of those people attempting to save while living on nothing at all.  I have a job where I only work 16 hours...I have
For the past...month I suppose, I've been preparing for this new year.  I have big plans for this year.  I want to work really hard and start paying on some of my school debt.  I want to make big car payments and prepare myself for a future living free of crappy debt.
In an effort to save I've started using some "creative" methods. View Along The Way (discovered via Pinterest) has been inspiring me like crazy.  They love Dave Ramsey, so I've been learning a lot from him in the process as well. My daddy would be so proud.
1) I've been paying for things with cash.  (and like Kelly and her family, I save all the change and toss it in my pickle jar)
2) Every time I come across a $5 bill, it goes in the jar. 
3) I am not spending any money on non-essential things. 
4) I have apps/rewards cards/coupons for everything I buy. (Ask me about Ibotta aka worlds best shopping app)
Since I dropped the first $5 bill in my pickle jar on October 31st and changed the way I spend money, I have saved about $110 and that is only the $5 bills.
Of course, saving piggy bank style shouldn't be the only way.  I plan to take all the cash I save and invest it so that not only will I be saving money, but I will be making it as well.  I'm planning on Social Security not being a thing by the time I'm old enough to collect it, so I'm not only working on making my finances good for me today, but for tomorrow as well. In the next few days, you'll see a more detailed version of what my budget looks like and how I plan to meet some of my big financial goals. 
Are you working on your financial health this new year? How's it going? Any tips for me?


Jen said...

I think this is a good plan! We have a set amount that goes into savings every month and it's nice seeing that account get built up.

Kara said...

Good for you! We are working on paying off my student loans and we save every month. It's not always easy, but it's a must for the long run.

Ashley said...

I'm saving up for a car. It's been hard working part time at barely above minimum wage, but seeing my savings account increase is such a good feeling.

LexMeetsWorld said...

I love the idea of putting away every five dollar bill you come in contact with! I might start doing that!! Amazing post, can't wait for the next one!

Lauren Chestnutt Coburn said...

saving money is hard for us as well but i take all coins and random bills and put it in our bank. it is really adding up! i like your $5 idea!!!

JG said...

We keep a coin jar on the shelf. Every now and then we clean out the cars and my purse and dump it all in there. Maybe twice a year, we cash it in. It feels like "free" money, which of course it isn't, but it's always nice to get an "extra" grocery fund.

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