Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hard but Good

Well, it's finally here.  The start of the new semester.  I've feel like I've been waiting for it forever.
Last semester, I wrote myself a little letter that I sealed in an envelope. I wrote it for me to open on the day I finish school and I decided that I'd do the same for each semester.  Give myself a little something to look back on and remember where I was at in this particular place in time.

Dear Katie,

This is you.  Well you and Travis because pretty much where he goes, you go and vice versa. 

Today is the first day of Spring Semester 2015.  Just looking at your schedule you're feeling a little overwhelmed, but you're ready to get to work.  This morning, you got up early and went to the gym.  That in it's self was proof that you're a little bit ready to get this semester started.

 In September, shortly after fall semester started, you met Travis from whom you cannot separate yourself.  You're kind of in love.

You're more excited than ever to jump into classes that actually have to do with your major and you are doing well with your new years resolutions.  At first, you weren't sure you'd be able to stick to them, but 21 days into the new year, and you're doing pretty alright.  You're eating better, you're watching your spending, you're blogging to the best of your ability, resisting the early outs at work, and working towards bigger and better things every day.

Today, the future is uncertain.  You could end up a lot of different place by the time this semester is over, but you aren't afraid.  Today you have the best understanding of the fact that life doesn't always go quite like you planned, but you can roll with the punches.

We'll keep this one short this spring.  Just remember that no matter what happens, life is good.  Hard, but good. 


Jen said...

Yay to a new semester! Here is hoping it's amazing for you!

Ashley said...

Good luck this semester! I know you will do great. I wish I had thought to write letters to myself at the beginning of each semester. Maybe for grad school?

Shannon Hall said...

Love this idea! You will kill it this semester!

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