Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Few of My Favorite Things

In my life so far, I have accumulated a lot of stuff.  I've tried lots of new beauty products, I've worn different brands of shoes, I've had multiple hobbies, and I've had lots of different experiences that have brought new things into my life.
Naturally, as my life goes on, I've discovered a few favorites. Some of them are acutally quite new favorites.  New as of the new year even.  Lately I'm super in love with...
Lucky You perfume. 
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I've been wearing it for the past little while and it has gotten to the point that when I don't wear it, I feel like I smell weird.
My planner (of course)
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I have been doing a little bit of planning online with a Google Calendar that connect to my phone, but I mostly did that so that I can share the calendar with Travis and he knows what I'm up to.  For all my personal stuff (due dates, class work, quizzes, blogging etc) I put in my Plum Paper Planner aka my brain.
My Younique Mascara
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And no, this isn't sponsored and I'm not trying to sell you some, I just love it.  My sister got it for me for Christmas and I think I might never wear just plain old mascara ever again.  It makes my eye lashes...amazing.  I can't even expalin it. If you've tried it, you understand. 
My Pandora Bracelet
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I got this bracelet for my 20th birthday while I was in AIT.  My mom sent it in a package with my blanket and I was completely surprised.  It was such an awesome surprise and it remains my favorite piece of jewelry ever.
and I can't forget my wooby...I don't have a picture of it
My wooby is by and large my favorite thing in the entire world.  I got it for Christmas my sophomore year in high school, so I've had it for a little while...It was the last blanket that my grandma made for me so I hold it really close to my heart.  it's a bit tattered and could use a few patch up jobs, but I kind of love it just the way it is.  


Ashley said...

I have been thinking about getting a new planner, I'm not sure that I actually need one, but I used to love having one to write all my events down in.

Jen said...

I am still on the fence about those pandora bracelets.

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