Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The College Chronicles

1. You're probably going to get sick.  Apparently everyone gets sick especially in their first semester.   In fact, I'm sick right now. I thought I was immune because of the military. I was always in close proximity with people. Wrong. I got sick and it made me miss work and class in a bad way! Get some day/night cold medicine. Sleep. Use things like Airborne or EmergenC when you feel the sniffles coming on and wash your hands.  
2.  You will likely feel an overwhelming urge to skip class. Don't.  Most schools have an attendance policy. If you skip class, it can really affect your grade. Not only that, you won't know what's going on in the next class and you're going to miss a lot of things that you wouldn't have if you had simply gone to class.

3.  Studying is hard. I took TWO years off of school before I started college.  I didn't know it would make such a difference, but it did. Turn off your phone close out the Netflix/Pinterest tabs and focus.  If you can't do it in your room or at home, go to the library.
Good Idea
4.  Time management is hard too. Use your planner. Most schools will give you one for free. A lot of the time, they have all of your school events in them though. It can take up a lot of space.  Walmart also has good, cheap planner. If you are someone who really needs some discipline or you are exceptionally busy, plan a time for everything to keep you from getting overwhelmed.

5.  College is stressful.  I thought that I would be just fine, but I, like so many do, got overwhelmed with stress.  The best thing I have found for this is to take a break or have some outlet for all the stress. I like to go to the gym, so I make sure to do that as often as I can and it certainly helps.

6.  You don't want a single.  What I mean by that, is that roommates are a good thing. My roommate my first semester was never around. We we weren't friends and I never saw her. I may as well have had a single and I think it has prevented me from making friends and really enjoying my college experience.  This year, I have an awesome roommate that actually likes to go out and wants to enjoy the college life.  I'm better for it. Promise.

7.  Sometimes  you will have bad luck.  Bad luck doesn't mean you're doomed though. I've had multiple experiences that really kicked me when I was down and out already. One time, I flushed my keys down the toilet...The first thing I did was call my mom. It was probably the best thing to do.  Eventually, I took care of all the bad luck on my own, but it calmed me own and made me feel a whole lot better to talk to my parents about it before I made any decisions.  Don't let the bad luck hurt you! I suppose a sub category could be Don't be afraid to call your parents if you need them!

8.  Books are expensive.  Seriously. So expensive. If you can help it, avoid the campus bookstore and use other resources like Amazon or borrow from others! It is worth it to avoid the several hundreds of dollars spend on books, that a lot of the time, never get opened...

9.  Some of your professors are really going to suck. I have yet to really learn anything at all in my English class because we pretty much never actually do anything. It is crappy. I pay for that class and I want to learn something from it. I highly recommend using Rate My Professor when you are choosing your classes.

10.  College education is very expensive. Take advantage of your resources. Do you have any idea how many thousands of dollars of college scholarships go unclaimed every semester?! There are so many ways to get college paid for.  There is even a scholarship for being a blogger. I'm totally serious!  For me, I have many untapped resources that I've had trouble getting, but when I start again next fall, I'm going to have things figured out and I'm going to do it right and you should too!

Come on over every month for more college-survival tips!  The key to success is preparation.  Be prepared for the hurricane that is to come. 


Ashley Bishop said...

Very good advice! Hope you feel better soon!

Jen said...

This is great advice and yes to college being stressful even attending online is stressing me out.

Tracey said...

This is such great advice!

Jill Herzberg Morgenstern said...

Oh my gosh we applied for every scholarship known to man for my 19 year old and the only one she got was the one she won for getting the most likes for on of her photos! It was a good one to get because she IS minoring in photography, but many wasted essays!!!! :-)

Thanks for the hints - I'll have another one to send off to freshman year the school year after next!

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