Sunday, May 18, 2014

Pretty Sure These Eggs are Plastic

Well hellloooo! 

I know, it has been forever, but I'm finally back from annual training and I can jump back into this blogging thing head first. It has been a long three weeks...let me tell ya. Playing Soldier can be some tough business. I'd like to do a major photo dump and just detail everything that happened throughout the whole time, but I think I'll just dish it out a little at a time. Trust me, you can only read about how hungry I was the whole time so much in one post...

I mean...look at my breakfast. :P
The only truly edible part was that cereal...That banana was not ready for eating...

But that is not to say that I didn't have some good times. The best part was getting to know all the soldiers around me. It's hard when you're in the Reserve and you only see each other once a month. It helped to be around each other for nearly a whole month.

In the next couple days you will also hear about my 21st birthday (also spent in poopy Wisconsin), a new adventure, a new boyfriend, and a the car accident I got into today...

Yep. The car I bought all on my own last august...I think It's totaled. Cool right?  

No.  Not at all. 

On the bright side, I didn't really get hurt, but my body feels like it got in a car wreck.  Because it did.  For now, I must go, but you can look forward to me returning the regular 5-days-a-week blog-mode by Monday.  I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and is doing better than I am write now.


Jen said...

:( Bummer that your car might be totaled, but so glad you are okay.

Ashley said...

I'm glad you're alright! Car accidents are scary!

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