Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Parked In a No Parking Zone

So...I guess it's time to divulge the gory details of my car accident. 
On Saturday, I was leaving my unit picnic/barbecue thing we were having and heading to my boyfriend's place (oh yeah, btw, I have a boyfriend...weird right?) heading north.  I was driving through an intersection when I saw a car coming from the west that didn't seem to be stopping.  Their light was red and I was really confused. I tried to react in time to avoid the accident, but obviously, that didn't happen. the other car ended up hitting my back end. I luckily, I saw that they were coming and I did have a reaction. I sped up a little and kept the other car from hitting my door. 
This was the end result. 
That metal thing you can see underneath my car? It's a sign...I was 'parked' on a 'no parking' sign...I didn't hear it, but apparently the cop made some dumb joke about how he should have cited me for parking ON a "no parking" zone. ha. ha. So funny. 
Currently, my car is sitting in a tow yard.  It's filled with half of my dorm room from when I moved back.  It's my lil baby. It was the first thing that I ever financed. I bought it all on my own. I paid on time and extra each month...I drive carefully.  So carefully that my whole family makes fun of me. 
And yet...I wrecked. That just goes to show that it can happen to anyone I guess. I'm just so very lucky that I saw it coming, I reacted, and I caused less damage and no real injuries. It could have been so much worse.  If you know me personally and you're just finding out about this accident, chill out, I'm fine. 

Now, I'm driving a Nissan rental car that is way too nice for me.  I'm so glad I have insurance with full coverage...If I'm lucky, I'll get a nice new car out of this super sad and horribly unfortunate accident...

Drive safe, folks, and wear your seat belts


Life with Amberly said...

Not fun at all!! I'm glad you're ok though! And hooray for having a boyfriend :)

Jen said...

Not cool!!!! :( Bummer!

Ashley said...

I'm so glad you're okay! That is pretty scary but I'm hoping you will get a nice new car.

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