Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Stranger In a New Town

Today I'm going car shopping.

I'm not excited about it. I should be, but I'm not.  I just keep thinking about how excited I was when I bought my Toyota. I was so excited to drive that thing across the country.  I planned to have that car forever...I was so excited...I mean look at me. 
Ignore the old water mark...It's from my old blog. 

And now, here I am. Shopping. Again. 

My car and I have been through a lot together.  I took it with me when I moved to Las Vegas.  It made 5 trips back and forth between Salt Lake and Las Vegas.  It took me on a weekend trip to Flagstaff, Arizona for a bluegrass music festival.  It took me to Los Angeles for a weekend for the Marine Corps Ball.  It took me to 29 Palms multiple times to see my friends...I put about ten thousand miles on it in less than a year.  

And now I have to take something different on a cross country road trip to Kentucky.  It makes me sad. But maybe I'll buy something even better... 

You can see from my past year of travels, that I have a bit of wanderlust inside of me.  I love going new places.  Being a total stranger in a new town is exciting for me.  Traveling around the west has been fun, but I am so excited to travel around a new part of the country I've never really had the chance to explore. I've just seen so many beautiful things, I can't wait to see more. 
I'd be okay with seeing a few more of these firey sunsets across the country.  I caught this one on the California freeway. Stuck in ridiculous traffic...But I didn't even care. 

I have all sorts of other places that I want to go.  I have a list a mile long. And that's just in the US...'s road trips, new adventures, and new fun in a new [to me] car.


Jen said...

Here is to new exciting adventures!

Jessica Hall said...

Good luck and safe travels.

Ashley said...

I hope you find an awesome car! And hopefully it will take you to many new adventures.

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