Friday, May 23, 2014

Growing Old Under Fluorescent Lights

Friday holds such little excitement when I work the entire weekend. Nights.  Right now I wish I was getting ready for an epic night of 21 year old fun, but instead, I'm getting ready for work.  Boo, working.  I feel like I'm growing old under those florescent lights.  I suppose, technically, I am.
Yesterday, I was finally able to speak with my insurance adjuster--The fact that I can even say that I have an adjuster makes me feel ancient--who gave me some news:  My car has been deemed a total loss. That is what I expected, but now it's so much more real. I was supposed to go clean it out today, but I can't find the address of the towing company...We'll see how this goes today. 
If you really knew me, you would know that I'm not naturally a neat/organized person.  My trunk is just north of ridiculous.  

Okay, so now that I rambled on about that forever...the real point of today's post: 

I've seen a lot of bloggers do things like this and I really like it.  In my blog, I portray a certain person, well, I want to share a few things about me that you would discover...if you really knew me. See what I did there? 

If you really knew me, you would know that...

+I hate pants. The second I get into my room, my pants come off. I wear dresses because it's the closest thing to not having on pants I can get to without being nakey. 

+I don't really like to shop unless I have a true purpose for it. Just wandering the mall for no reason is sheer torture to me. 

+I don't smile with my teeth in pictures because I hate them.  Until I get them fixed all of my pictures will be of the no-teeth variety. 

+I hate fighting.  If I can completely avoid a confrontation, I will. 

+I'm a conservative with an open mind. 

+I hate public displays of affection. I used to be fine with it, but now I feel so uncomfortable. I think I went too long without having a boyfriend to like that kind of stuff.

+I think that pizza is a food group. 

+I lose 87% of respect for females in the military who have hair that looks like shit. Seriously, ladies, it's not that hard. 

+My toe nails are always painted. Sometimes it's chipped and barely there, but there will always be some paint on each toe. 

+I do nice things.  This one is hard to explain. I to do nice things for people. If people let me, I like to buy them food. I just figure maybe they'll pay it forward for someone else. 

+I used to be against tattoos. I have two now. 

+I hate living at home. I love my parents, but I need my own space. 

+I work too much and party too little. 

 +I love this little blog and I talk about it all the time even when I'm sucking at writing in it. 

And for now, that's all. I hope that you learned a few fun things about me. Now I have to figure out how to get all the crap out of my car before work starts. I hope you all have a wonderful Friday. 


Ashley said...

Ah, I love your lipstick in that picture. I wish I was brave enough to wear bold lipstick but I'm so pale, I just don't think it will work for me.

Jamie said...

My toes are always painted too. Like ALWAYS.

Anonymous said...

I can relate to some of yours. I don't shop unless I have a purpose, although that's changed a little now that I've discovered online shopping. I don't liek cclothes shopping however. I also consider pizza a food group. I can't stand tattoos and can't imagine I'll ever get one though.

Miche said...

Haha, cute post, now I wanna do one of these. And btw, I'm totally with you on avoiding confrontation all together
Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

Jessica Cook said...

Oh boy, I can relate to nearly every bit of this post! Thank you for sharing! Found you through "not a mom blogger," definitely going to be following from now on. Thank you for your service!

Steph said...

I love these posts! It's so much fun getting to know the person behind the blog :)

I'm not a big shopper either; I don't like just walking through a store without a purpose. Even when I have something I want to buy I don't like hunting around for it.

Katie Surly said...

Thanks for sharing, Katie! This is my first time participating on the not a mom blogger facebook group and I'm glad I found your blog! Looking forward to following along :)

Anonymous said...

Cute post. This is the first time I read your blog, but I think you inspired me to try out one of these posts in the future.

Paulina @ Color Me Brave said...

I hate pants too! I have to wear a dress or skirt everyday. Hate to wear pants!

Anonymous said...

I kept going through this list and thinking, "Me too!" like toenail polish, doing nice things and being an open-minded conservative.

Good luck with your car!

Linda Cassidy said...

such a great post, and I understand about hating your teeth, I use too as well, but most people actual focus on the smile an face. I love dresses as well ( with shorts underneath LOL)

Miss Angie said...

Sorry to hear about your car, but hey-new one!

I love dresses, especially flowy ones in the Summer! Your blog is adorable!

Ashley Griffith said...

This was the first weekend since I could remember that I actually didn't have work stuff planned and it's AMAZING. Otherwise Fridays were just another day. And I'm nearly the same way about pants. I don't mind yoga pants or tights/leggings, but normal pants? Hate them!

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