Monday, March 31, 2014

The Spirit of The Goal

For the month of March, I set goals that are sub-goals of my New Years Resolutions.  I did a pretty great job of getting these things done this month. I think that putting your goals out in the world really helps keep you accountable for them. At least it did for me. 

Here is what I was working on for the month of March. 

First let's go for the positive. I did complete SSD1. That is Structured Self Development: Level 1. It is a requirement in my unit to complete it to be promoted to Specialist.  I completed this before March 1, but I also made these goals before March 1, so I still call that one good.  I ended up getting promoted and I am one happy girl. Especially  after seeing that 3-day-drill pay check...

I'm sure you're already aware that I succeeded at my goal of not drinking any soda or other beverages similar to it. It was hard but beyond worth it. I'm so glad I was able to kick the cola

My fitness goals were...more or less successful. I wasn't quite as consistent as I might have liked, but I was in the gym a lot and worked really hard. I renewed my gym membership and did a lot of running and sweating. I might not have accomplished this goal to the T, but I worked at the spirit of it. So I'm going to call that one good. 

As for the rest of my goals...I didn't do so great at them. I got tired of getting all beautiful after a few days and stopped wearing make-up to work, and I could not find the content to blog every weekday.  That's okay, though. I think that I worked hard at a few things on my list and I'm on my way to being the best version of myself. What I have resolved to do isn't easy, so I'm glad that I am at least making some strides. 

April is going to be a completely insane month. I've got a bunch of posts scheduled so that my blog won't fall flat. Life is crazy. And the Army is crazier! 

Happy Monday!


Jen said...

Happy Monday! Here is to achieving your goals!

Ashley said...

Great job on working towards your goals!

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