Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Realization that Christmas Cards are Not Lame

The topic of discussion today is Christmas Cards.  I've never sent one out before. Not even with my family.  In fact, prior to this year, I kind of thought that Christmas Cards were kind of silly. 
To me it was like you were saying "Hey, look at how cute we are!"  And there was really no other point to them.  However, as I've gotten older I've seen how important it is to have pictures and fun memorabilia.  I also think it's kind of cool to see how families have grown or changed over the years.  We always enjoyed receiving Christmas Cards and sticking them around the door frame each year.
So, Travis and I are going to send out a Christmas Card.  
I shopped a few designers such as the amazing Jess Kastler Design Studio, and other awesome stationary sites mostly via Etsy. 
They were all so beautiful and I really wanted to use them, but then I remember that I'm in college and both Travis and I are living on little to zero income.  So...I started looking into some awesome DIY options. 
Walmart has a really easy-to-use site where you can use their pre-loaded cards, add your own photo and they look really nice and they're $0.28 a print.  Super easy and very inexpensive for the poor and starving college student like me. 

   Now, the only thing I don't like about the Walmart option is that the cards are all done for you.  I'm a little bit more creative and I'd rather not have a card that someone else could have as well. 
So instead of using Walmart.com I used Picmonkey to create a card. 
Now that the card is done, all I have to do is load it onto my flash drive, take it to Walmart and print it out on awesome glossy photo paper, stick em in some envelopes, and send them out to our closest friends and family.  
I've also considered scrapbooking a few cards that are all unique with adorable hand-written notes in them...but I'm not sure that I'm that crafty.  We'll see! I'm excited to send out our card this year and I promise, I'll never make fun of family Christmas cards again. 
Are you sending out a Christmas Card?  Did you make it yourself?  Did you have an awesome designer create you a master piece?


Ashley said...

I really wanted to send out Christmas cards with John, but he was totally against it. He didn't want to walk into his families house and see pictures of him on the refrigerator. He also thought it was a waste of money. I promptly called him a Scrooge! Glad you and Travis are joining in the Christmas card spirit though!

Life with Lolo said...

This will be my second year sending out cards and I used Photo Affections (first year with a Groupon, this year with a discount code). It's still probably a little more expensive than the Walmart route, but I love that idea! I'm kind of jealous I didn't think of that and create my own design! Our cards went over really well last year so I just couldn't resist not sending again this year. I can't wait to get them delivered so I can get them sent!

Kara said...

Impressive! I ordered ours from Shutterfly. We've been sending photo cards as long as we've been together. I didn't used to be big on Christmas cards, but I really like the photo cards. They are more meaningful.

JG said...

Nice! I wish I was creative enough to design our cards.

I wish we had started doing photo cards the year we got married. I think they're great keepsakes. We only started after SoldierMan joined the Army. Better late than never!

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