Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Conquer the Awkward

Yesterday, Corey and I attempted to conquer our awkwardness and take some maternity pictures together.  Before work I spent nearly an hour curling my lashes and working on winging my eyeliner.  I picked a shirt for Corey to wear and I ran out the door for work a few minutes later than planned. 

Later, I came home after a busy day at work and pulled my hair into some curls with my flat iron.  This is a science I have yet to really master, if I'm being honest. I touched up my make up and anxiously jumped in the car with Corey a few minutes too early. 

We went to a studio called Camera Shy to get our photos done.  Knowing that it's July and I'm a million months pregnant, I decided something indoors with lots of back drop options would be the best idea. Ultimately, I think it was a great decision.  It was a good experience and definitely in our price range. 

We're not perfect.  Corey's shirt has some fold line (remind me to buy an ironing board), my hair got all blowout funny by air conditioner, and I'm still getting used to showing off my smile, but I think we might even be able to share these pictures with the general public. I hope you enjoy a peak into our awkward life.

And I think that we wouldn't be us if there hadn't been one like this.  We were having a little bit of trouble acting natural so we started making faces at each other.  I didn't even realize the photographer captured that moment.  I can only hope that our daughter appreciates the moments (and photos) like these.


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