Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hot Chocolate and Bubbly Bartenders

Last night there was a meteor shower!  Trav and I had plans to go to a museum last night, but shortly after discovering there was a meteor shower, plans changed.  We decided to take a drive up Mount Charleston and watch meteors from the bed of his truck. 

We knew that it was going to be cold.  But oh man...it was cold.  On the way up the mountain, we stopped in at the little lodge up Kyle Canyon.  It's a cute little place with a little pound out front that was nearly frozen over... We decided to go into the bar and hang out for a little bit before we braved the freezing cold out there.  

We ate some delicious chili and hot chocolate, Trav had a few drink, and we chatted with the bubbly bartenders.  We cuddled up next to the fire for a little bit.  On a relatively unrelated note, I also sat down at the piano and showed Trav that I have a random hidden talent and can poorly play the piano. 

Eventually, we sucked it up and headed out into the cold.  We drove down the road to Lee Canyon and pulled over at Robber's Roost.  It's amazing how we were less than an hour from the city and yet it was like we could see every star in the sky. 

As you can see, we were wearing basically all the cold weather clothes that we had, but the cold definitely found its way into our little cuddled up bundle.  Neither of us really had clothes for the cold...we moved to Vegas in the Summer! We thought of a few things that may have made it a little warmer a little too late, but we still had a great time out there.  It is truly so incredible to stare up at the vastness of outer-space and just...think about how freaking big it is.  We talked about how we feel so small and insignificant...and we talked about how we have to create our own significance...That we have to make our dash count for us...because the universe is indifferent. 

We obviously think a little too much.  But that was my Monday night with my man...I think I might be spoiled. 


Ashley said...

That's awesome! Glad you had a great time.

Jen said...

it really is amazing how cold Vegas can get, not many people think it can get that cold. I'm glad you had a good time. :)

JG said...

Big conversations like that are the best :) I think there's something wrong if the enormity on creation doesn't prompt those kinds of thoughts at least once in a while

Shannon Hall said...

I had no idea it actually got cold in Vegas. Sounds like a fun night either way though! I love having those types of thought-provoking conversations.

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