Monday, March 2, 2015

Academic Achievement

For the month of February, my focus was "Better Blogging" I was a little bit skeptical when I started out on it, but I'm really happy with how things went.  I wasn't able to do exactly what I set out to do, but regardless of that, I made some real progress.
Unfortunately, I couldn't spend any money on sponsoring other blogs, but I was able to use Facebook Groups a little more, I worked on using the scheduling features on social media, and the link up is a success.  I made a few new blog friends and I've honestly been pretty happy about the way things are going.  That means we can call this months goals a success.  I'm going to continue working on all those goals and I'm working on growth and progress.

This month, I'm working on...
My goals associated with this are as follows:
1// Procrastinate less! February was pretty stressful becuase I accidentally put off some stuff I should have done a while ago...If I work harder not to procrastinate, maybe my life will be better.
2// Focus on quality. Anyone can write a crappy paper and turn it in. I need to work hard to produce quality assignments that I can put in my portfolio and be proud of.
3// Manage time better! So I'm already pretty good at time management, but I end up spending hours and hours on one thing and then I have spent my entire day on one assignment and I haven't worked on anything else.  I need to change that.
4// Keep my eye on the prize. I have been struggling with the fact that my teaching license is so far away...I just need to remember that these are all steps to getting there and I'll be there before I know it!

What are your goals for March?



Chelsie Carr said...

You can do it! I believe in you! Just give yourself a great reward every time you accomplish a goal! It worked for me!

Jen said...

I know you can do it!!! :)

Ashley said...

You are going to rock this month! You've got your planner and Travis and all of your friends and bloggy friends to help you out with motivation for becoming an academic wonder-woman this month!

Elizabeth said...

Making the commitment is the first step to being totally awesome! Also, I'm certified by the CRLA as a writing tutor, so feel free to email me if you ever need some writing support! (Seriously!)


Lexis Hope said...

You are going to kill it girl! I know it!

Lauren Coburn said...

my goals are: increase exercise and organize!!! :o)

MeandMySoldierMan said...

That's a good goal for March! That always seemed to be the laggy part for me in college.

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