Friday, March 13, 2015

Help me...

Oh hey, Midterm.  What's up?  I can't believe that it's midterm.  Or March.  Or 2015.  Where did the time go?  It feels like every day is moving a little bit faster.  Are they taking hours out of the day or is it just me.  There might literally be less and less time to complete my work for each day. 
I think I'm having what you might call a Quarter Life Crisis.  In fact, I think I might have a few of these before I even get to 25...This isn't the first time I've experienced this, but man this one is rough. 

In 2013 when I left school, it was because I couldn't pay for it.  The semester was ending and it was time to sign up for the spring classes but I couldn't because I still had a balance on my account.  I had just bought a car and I was about to be living in it if I had decided to stay in Las Vegas. So instead, I packed up my dorm room and I went home.  I lived with my parents, I worked like a dog at a new job, I played some serious Army and I was able to return to college in the fall of 2014.  I paid for most of it out of my pocket with all of the money I had saved from working day in and day out for months. 
Now, here I am again at that same juncture.  I have this balance on my account, my savings is depleted, I can't work enough hours to support myself. It doesn't matter how many applications I submit, no one will hire me.  I can't even get a job folding clothes at a teeny-bopper store.  What is that all about?!  I play in a band on the weekends that helps me pay for my gas money and incidentals but some how it's just not quite enough to make the ends meet. 
I have deicded to start a sponsor ship program here on my blog where I have a new policy:
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You are also welcome to donate to my GoFundme account without sponsorship, however you will still recieve a personal thank you note from me.


Dapoppins said...

Good luck! I keep hearing how there are more jobs - I just dont see them either. What is your field of study?

Katie said...

I'm an education major. I have sent in a million and one job applications and I haven't even gotten a single interview. I don't understand it. I even have experience in multiple fields plus the military...So It just doesn't make sense...I live in Las Vegas too. You would think it'd be easy to find something, but I guess I just don't have the experience/ lack of experience they look for. My only choice is to keep at it...

Elizabeth said...

Oh, dear. This sounds like a very tricky place. Stupid question for you -- Have you filled out a FAFSA? You must qualify for some aid, even if it is minimal, I'd bet. :) Unfortunately, I know how hard it is when money is tight and a job is hard to come by. Let me know if you'd like someone to take a look at your resume. And keep your chin up.


Katie said...

The problem here is that I have already exhausted my financial aid options. My current balance is what I have AFTER all of the aid I have received. Which was very little. As I am under the age of 24 and not married I am considered a Dependent and I am required to use my parents tax information on my FAFSA. So TECHNICALLY my parents make "too much" money for me to qualify for aid. So I get $300 in pell grants. And that's it. I have taken out some loans, but even after loans I'm lacking...Hence the ever so desperate gofundme.

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