Monday, February 2, 2015

Teaching Katie To Blog Gooder

What? Already?  Is it just me or does time pass way too incredibly fast.  It's probably just me.  Anyway, it's a new month, so that mean a new goal set! January was a good month.  I made a lot of progress, learned a lot and did some ridiculous saving.  I'm pretty dang happy with the way things are going and I'm excited to present this months theme for my goals.

This blog has not only been twice as successful as my first "serious" blog, but it has also been a lot easier to write in. I've gained a lot of new followers doing really nothing but writing and sharing.  I've worked with other bloggers and I've written a few guest posts, but over all, I haven't done a whole lot to crack down on the blog and make it grow. 

For the month of February, I'll be working on making a little bit more time for the blog.  Here is what I've done to make this a little bit easier:

1) I've established 'Blog Business Hours'.  This will not only help me focus on my blog, but it will give me more freetime without feeling like I should be blogging.

2) I'm budgeting for the sponsoring of other blogs and making new blogging friendships. This includes utilizing facebook groups and being more active on Twitter. I'm not so good at that.

3) I've been working on using the scheduling features both on Facebook and Blogger.  I've even been dabbling in Tweet Deck.

4)  I have a lovely new blog design! Brought to you by Jane.  She's the best.

5)  And best of all, the Link-Up I told you about! This month will bring about my first time at hosting a link up! That will be happening on Wednesday so be sure to join in on the fun!


Meg Doherty said...

Blog business hours are an AWESOME idea!! I tend to blog whenever I have free time, and I always get nervous that my "real life" with suffer. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog last week :)

Jen said...

I do love your blog design, it's so fun!

Ashley said...

I kinda love the idea of blog business hours. I might have to put that into place if I can't work something out first!

Katie said...

It's really helping me make sure that I get to the blogging. Not only that, it's helping me not stress about whether I'll have time to do it or not because it's already in the schedule!

Katie said...

Thank you! I love it. Jane always does an amazing job.

Katie said...

Thank you! I am working really hard to make a blog something to be proud of and that really helps me out. I mean...I don't make any money from my blog, but maybe I will some day and this discipline will help I'm sure. And of course! I found your blog through Jane's design website and I loved it so I followed! I'll be a frequent visiter!

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