Thursday, February 12, 2015

6 Ways to Show Your Love

Valentines Day is coming up and everyone is all a buzz with what they're going to be doing and all that fun stuff.  Well, I still have no idea what Trav and I are going to be doing, but to me all that matters is showing him how much I love him. 
Some people have a hard time showing affection.  Well, allow me to help.  These are the things that I Travis and I frequently do to show our love for each other.  
1.  We give each other compliments. Travis always notices when I'm wearing my hair different or I put on a special outfit.  He's sure to let me know that I look especially pretty or that I did something well.  
2.  We support each others hopes and dreams.  On Tuesday, Travis had a check ride and I wasn't busy, so I went to the airport (it's a small airport with an observation deck) and hung out in the terminal for several hours to watch him fly.  It can be a little bit boring for me sometimes...I've spent hours waiting in that terminal, but I try to show him that I care about what he's up to.  The airport is becoming one of my favorite places to read. 
3.  We help each other study.  This might seem silly, but we both have a lot of work to do with school.  So I let Trav teach me about critical engines and he helps me when I forget the Order of Operations.  Consequently, I've learned a lot about aviation.  Doing this is showing that it doesn't matter how we spend our time together, just as long as it's together. 
4.  We don't skimp on the hugs and kisses and cuddles.  I never realized how important it can be to just hold each other tight.  Sometimes I'll get frustrated with Travis or I'll randomly be mad because that's what women do and he'll give me a big, tight squeeze and the anger just melts away.  Sometimes all I need is cuddling on the couch to know exactly how much I'm loved. 
5.  I give gifts.  So...I'm a gifter.  I just love to give things.  I love surprises and I'm a huge fan of having a present behind my back to give to Trav.  It's not always something big (or really ever) but by giving Travis something like a couple packets of tabs for his books is showing him that I was listening when he said for the 10th time he needed to tab out his book, so I bought him some tabs and you would have thought I'd given him a gold watch.  It's the little things. 
6.  We say it.  I tell Trav I love him every day.  Literally every day at least one time.  I'm not worried that he'll forget.  I know that he knows.  But sometimes you just need to say it.  It just feels good to hear it and good to say it.  
It isn't hard to show your love.  Sometimes all it takes is a little squeeze of the knee or a reassuring look.  It's an important part of every relationship and I hope that this Valentines day you'll all do well to remember that. 


Jen said...

These are good tips that should be put into practice all year long. :)

Sierra said...

I love this list because it is nothing like what the world tells us we need to do for Valentines, with the chocolates, roses and diamonds.

Katie said...

Thanks! That's just how I feel about it all. We really love each other and we try to show it all the time. We still got each other gifts and such but it's just an excuse to spoil each other.

Katie said...

I think so! It's so important to show your love.

Elizabeth said...

#8 is so important! Have you ever heard of Love Languages? I'm intrigued to find out what yours would be!


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