Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Working Hard

So I should have said this yesterday, but I didn't, so I'll lay it down now. 
I knew writing about my religion would get a bit of a response, but...whoa. I just want to say thank you to those of you who took a moment to read and reflect. It was a very personal and difficult post to write. I wrote it several times, each time a different way. I think that it ended up being sort of perfect and I hope it reminds each of you to be true to yourself. 
In the spirit of being true to yourself, I've drafted a few goals for myself for the month of April. I spent a little bit more time on these ones than I did my goals for March. Hopefully I will be as successful with these as I was in March. For the month of April, I'm spending...basically the entire time on Fort Leonard Wood and also going on my Annual Training (also called AT) for 21 days.  I'll be home for Easter then I'll head back out to the field. I almost feel like an active duty solider. And I kind of love it.  I have a whole lot of exciting things happening in my military career and I hope I can keep it up. 
Anyway, about my goals. 
This month I want to...
Because I'm not at home, it will possibly be a struggle staying focused and working on myself while I'm busy working for someone else, but hopefully I will have some success.  
Hopefully I don't go completely crazy! What are you working on this month?


Ashley said...

Good luck on this months goals. You've made me want to make sub-goals and revisit my New Years resolutions.

Jen said...

Good luck with your goals!!! :)

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