Monday, April 10, 2017

7 months of Parenting

I've obviously skipped a few months, but I felt like jumping back in and sharing how things are going after 7 months of parenting. 

Being a parent is the most amazing thing I've ever done.  I'm sure I've said that a few times.  But it is truly so rewarding, hard, easy, and exactly what I was meant for.  My baby girl is my favorite person.  Watching her change and grow every day is what I live for.  

Today Clara likes to wave hello and goodbye.  She prefers to play with the wipes package more than most of her toys.  She doesn't like sitting up, but loves to chat all day long.  She's a little petite for her age, but growing every day.  Her favorite thing is seeing daddy walk through to door after his day at work.  

I guess being a parent is pretty okay. 


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